Philosophy Department Events, 1984-1989


William G. Lycan (Chapel Hill): "The Mind Model of the Computer and the Computer Model of the Mind", 4/9/85 (funded by the Forry Fund, Inaugural Lecture).


Abner Shimony (Boston University: "Philosophical Reflections on Quantum Mechanics", 4/2/86 (funded by the Forry Fund, Second Annual Forry Lecture).


Bas van Fraasen (Princeton University): "On Symmetry Arguments", 4/2/87 (funded by the Forry Fund, Third Annual Forry Lecture).


Fred Dretske: "Explaining Human Behavior", 11/12/87 (funded by the Eastman, Epstein and Forry Funds).

Wesley Salmon
: "The Importance of Scientific Understanding", 3/16/88 (funded by the Forry Fund, Fourth Annual Forry Lecture). 


Thomas Pogge (Columbia University): "Can Morality Provide Unacceptable Incentives?", 10/11/88 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

James Higginbotham
: "Rules of Language and Natural Laws", 10/27/88 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Thomas McCarthy
: "The Critique of Impure Reason: Foucault and the Frankfurt School", 3/27/89 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Philip Kitcher
(UC/San Diego): "Biology and the Understanding of Human Behavior", 4/5/89 (funded by the Forry Fund in Philosophy and Science).

Philip Kitcher
(UC/San Diego): "The Division of Cognitive Labor", 4/6/89 (funded by the Forry Fund in Philosophy and Science, Fifth Annual Forry Lecturer).

Daniel Conway
: "Nietzsche's Perspectivism and the Rehabilitation of the Will", 4/17/89 (funded by the Philosophy Department).