Philosophy Department Events, 1989-1994


David Velleman (University of Michigan): "Epistemic Freedom", 2/5/90 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Jay Garfield
(Hampshire College): "Waking up to Regularity: Skepticism as a Meta-Physics", 2/8/90 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Martha Nussbaum
(Brown University): "Transcending Humanity", 3/13/90 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Jonathan Lear
(Yale University): "Catharsis: Freud's Theory and Practice", 3/29/90 (funded by the Philosophy Department). 


G.A. Cohen (All Souls, Oxford): 9/26/90 (funded by the Lurcy Fund).

Peter Lipton
, "Truth or Consequences", 10/25/90 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Dick Moran
(Princeton University): "Self Consciousness and Character", 3/8/91 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Daniel J. Velleman
(Amherst College): "An Introduction to the Philosophy of Mathematics: What's Math All About Anyway?", 4/3/91 (funded by the Mathematics and Philosophy Departments).

Michael Dummett
(New College, Oxford): "Origins and Prospects of Analytic Philosophy", 4/4/91 (funded by the Lurcy Fund). 


Richard Sorabji (King's College London): "The Relation of Humans to Animals in Ancient and Modern Thought", 11/2/91 (funded by the Amherst College and University of Massachusetts Philosophy Departments).

Myles Burnyeat
: "Plato on How not to Speak of What is Not", 11/20/91 (funded by the Amherst College and University of Massachusetts Philosophy Departments).

Noam Chomsky
(MIT): 2/18-19/91 (funded by the Corliss Lamont Fund).

Mathematics and Mind Conference, 4/5-7/91 (funded by the Forry Fund in Philosophy and Science).

  • George Boolos: "The Advantages of Theft over Honest Toil"
  • Daniel Isaacson: "Mathematical Intuition and Objectivity"
  • Charles Parsons: "Intuition and Number"
  • Michael Hallett: "Hilbert and the Laws of Thought"
  • Wilfried Sieg: "Mechanical Procedures and Mathematical Experience"
  • W.W. Tait: "The Law of the Excluded Middle and the Axiom of Choice"
  • Michael Dummett: "What is Mathematics About?" 


Thomas Pogge (Columbia University): "Rights and Consequences", 11/12/92 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Margaret D. Wilson
(Princeton): "Does Spinoza's God Have False Beliefs?", 12/3/92 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Rogers Albritton
(UCLA): Kennick Symposium Lecture: "Wittgenstein on the First Person", 4/3/93 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Kendall Walton
: Kennick Symposium Lecture: "Make Believe and Its Role in Pictorial Representation, Sports, and the Acquisition of Knowledge", 4/3/93 (funded by the Philosophy Department).

Richard Kraut
: Kennick Symposium Lecture: "Aristotle's Egalitarianism", 4/3/93 (funded by the Philosophy Department).


Warren Goldfarb (Harvard University): "Wittgenstein on Fixity of Meaning", 11/18/93 (funded by the Joseph Epstein Lecture Fund).

Max Cresswell
: "What Every Philosophy Student Needs to Know About Possibility and Necessity", 12/1/93 (funded by the Joseph Epstein Lecture Fund).

Hilary Putnam
(Harvard University): "Was Wittgenstein a Pragmatist?", Joseph Epstein Memorial Lecture, 2/25/94 (funded by the Joseph Epstein Lecture Fund).

G.E.R. Lloyd
: "The Evolution of Evolution: Greek Antiquity and the Origin of Species", 4/7/94 (funded by the Lurcy Fund).

Methodos Conference, 4/8-10/94 (funded by the Forry Fund in Philosophy and Science).

  • A.A. Long: "Socrates in the Theatetus: Platonic Apologies and the Problem of Objectivity"
  • T.H. Irwin: "Common Sense and Socratic Method"
  • Ian Mueller: "Platonism and the Study of Nature"
  • Gail Fine: "On Plato's Refutation of Protagoras"
  • Gisela Striker: "Aristotle and the Uses of Logic"
  • Charlotte Witt: "Teleology in Aristotelian Science and Metaphysics"
  • Sarah Broadie: "The Beginning and End of Aristotelian Deliberation"
  • G.E.R. Lloyd: "Techniques and Dialectic: Method in Greek and Chinese Mathematics and Medicine"

Graham Parkes: "Much Ado About Nothing and Fascism: The Cases of Heidegger and the Kyoto School Thinkers", 4/13/94 (funded by the Hamilton Fund and Religion and Philosophy Departments).