Philosophy Department Events, 2017-2018

Jason Bridges Jason Bridges (The University of Chicago) 9/25/17 “Comparison and Practical Reason.”  [Photographs]

Stephen Darwall

Stephen Darwall (Yale University) 10/12/17 “What Are Moral Reasons?” [Photographs]

Berislav Marusic

Berislav Marušić (Brandeis University) 10/26/17 “How Can Beliefs Wrong—A Strawsonian Epistemology”  [Photographs]

Bernard Reginster

Bernard Reginster (Brown University) 11/30/17 “Ressentiment, Power, and Values” [Audio and Photographs]


Meena Krishnamurthy Meena Krishnamurthy (University of Michigan) 3/1/18 “White Blindness” [Audio and Photographs]


Michele Moody Adams Michele Moody-Adams
(Columbia University) 3/29/18 “Creating Space for Justice” [Audio]

Brandon Terry Brandon Terry
(Harvard University) 4/26/18 “Martin Luther King Now” [Audio and Photographs]