Anurima Chattopadhyay

Congratulation, Anurima!

Anurima Chattopadhyay'24

General Bio:
Anurima Chattopadhyay is a philosophy major from Pasadena, California. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine and is interested in the intersection of health and healing with sociocultural development and philosophical narratives. Drawing much inspiration from Elliot Turiel's The Culture of Morality and Jonathan Lear's Radical Hope: Ethics in the Face of Cultural Devastation, she has written on the significance of loss of meaning, and testimonial injustice in healthcare settings, among other topics.
In her spare time, you'll find Anurima responding to medical emergencies on campus as part of ACEMS and working with Amherst Community Connections, a non-profit in town dedicated to acquiring safe, stable, and affordable housing for members of the local community. Outside of class and work, she enjoys exploring various restaurants and immersing herself in the study of multiple languages.
Conference Specific Information:
Anurima recently presented at the 14th Annual Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Graduate Student Conference at the University of New Mexico, where she was honored with the Stefania Gray Award for Best Graduate Student Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies Conference Paper. Gathering funding from various departments here at Amherst, she traveled to Albuquerque to present her work in person. It was her first time attending a professional conference, and she was grateful for the opportunity to hear from and work with others in several disciplines doing excellent work.