Spring 2017 Philosophy Courses


PHIL 111-01 Philosophical Questions

Alexander George

PHIL 111-02 Philosophical Questions

Nishi Shah 

PHIL 218-01 Early Modern Philosophy

Jonathan Vogel

PHIL 223-01 Human Health: Rights and Wrongs

Jyl Gentzler

PHIL 231-01 Philosophy of Sport

Joseph Moore 

PHIL 310-01 Ethics

Rafeeq Hasan 

PHIL 335 -01 Theory of Knowledge

Jonathan Vogel 

PHIL 362-01 Crises of the Individual: Marx & Freud

Rafeeq Hasan

PHIL 463 Seminar: The Later Wittgenstein

Alexander George

PHIL 473 Seminar: Speech & Harm

Joseph Moore & Nishi Shah