Teaching the Art of Philosophical Writing
June 13-15, 2014
Amherst College

The aim of the workshop is to discuss techniques and strategies for helping undergraduate students to master the individual and complex intellectual and communicative skills involved in doing philosophy well.  We invite proposals from philosophers at all stages in their career, including graduate study, for presentations of concrete and successful strategies for helping students to develop from novices to the level of expertise required for a senior honors thesis.  Since we hope that each session will involve lively discussion among the twelve participants of the workshop, we expect all participants to attend all sessions.

To submit a proposal, please send to teachingartofphilosophy@gmail.com:

  1. a 3-4 page proposal, plus any supplementary materials that might be helpful
  2. a brief CV with institutional affiliation, professional experience, and publications.

The workshop will cover the cost of hotel accommodation and travel expenses for attendees whose proposals are accepted for presentation.

Submissions are due March 15. We will get back to you with decisions by April 1.

For more information, please contact the organizers, Jyl Gentzler (Amherst) and Daniel Koltonski (Amherst), at teachingartofphilosophy@gmail.com.

We are very grateful for the generous support from the Teagle Foundation and Amherst College.