Merrill Air Quality Updates

Submitted by William A. Loinaz
This blog is a record of actions on and observations of air quality issues in the Merrill Science Center.  Log in to view followup comments to the main articles.

RaeGuard air quality event

The RaeGuard meter is picking something up.  It was reading 0.16 ppm in the morning.  By evening, it was up to 0.19.  When I got in this morning it was a 0.22 and now it is at 0.25.  I'm developing a headache, although I don't smell anything.

RaeGuard Monitor event

Earlier today the RaeGuard PID meter outside 117 was reading more than 0.5 ppm.  This should have triggered an alarm with campus police and EH&S.  Did it?  It is now reading ~0.25 ppm.  It is not clear whether this indicates detection of chemicals in the air or a malfunction. 

Rick, could you please post here whenever the monitor triggers an alarm?