Complete List of Theses


2012 Aftaab Dewan Neutrino Scattering as Probe for High-Energy Physics
2012 Saugat Kandel Seeking a Dirac Monopole in a Spinor Condensate
2011 Thomas McClintock The Contribution from Low-Mass X-Ray Binaries to the Positron Annihilation in the Galatic Disk
2011 Thomas Langin Generation of Counter-Circulating Vortex Lines in a Bose-Einstein Condensate
 2011  Andrew Eddins  Toward Direct Observation of Superradiance in Fe8 Single-Molecule Magnets
 2011  Kathryn McKinnon  Decaying Dark Matter as a Possible Resolution to the Cusp Problem in Large-Scale Structure
 2011  Emine Altuntas  Real-Time Dynamics of Co-Rotating Vortex Pairs in Bose-Einstein Condensates
 2011  Andrew Greenspon  A Measurement of the Lifetime and Franck-Condon Factors for the B(0) State of T1F to Determine its Potential for Laser Cooling
2010 Rachel S. Ruskin A Quantitative Analysis of Voltage-Gated Potassium Ion Channel Transitions
2010 Vikyath Deviprasad Rao Searching for interference of flux-tunneling paths in the microwave-driven single Cooper-pair transistor
2010 Daniel V. Freilich Real-Time Experimental Visualization of Bose-Einstein Condensates with One and Two Vortices
2010 Dean U. Udom Improving the Experimental Presision of a Solid-State Electron EDM Search
2009 Dylan Bianchi Characterizing a Crossed-Beam Optical Dipole Trap for Ultra-cold 87Rb Atoms
2009 Michael Chernicoff
Automated Phenomenological Calculations for High Energy Electroweak Neutrino Scattering on a Fixed Target
2009 Jeffrey Grover Using Repeated Landau-Zener Transitions to Factor Integers in a Superconducting Qubit
2009 Adam Kaufman Radiofrequency Dressing of Atomic Feshbach Resonances
2009 Tadeusz Pudlik Lattice Simulations of the φ4 Theory and Related Systems
2009 Timothy Ripper An Investigation of precursors in Fluid Surface Waves
2009 Maxwell Urmey Interference of Flux Tunneling Paths in a Superconducting Qubit 
2008 Eduardo da Silva Neto Abrupt Changes in the Tunneling Levels for Mn12-tBuAc
2008 Michael Goldman Landau-Zener Transitions and a Feshbach Resonance in Spinor Bose Einstein Condensates
2008 PeiDa Guo Measuring the Swarm Expansion Rate of B. subtilis: Does Chemotaxis Play a Role in Swarm Expansion?
2008 Dong Kun Kim A Search for Local Lorentz Violation
2008 Elizabeth Petrik Votices in an optically trapped Bose-Einstein Condensate
2008 Jesse Rasowsky Quantifying Entanglement
2008 Kyle Virgien Minimizing Systematic Effects in a Solid-State Electron Electric Dipole
Moment Measurement
2007 Alex Bridges Refining Limits on the Electron EDM Using Polycrystalline GdIG
2007 Dan Guest A Cross-Beam Far Off-Resonance Optical Trap for 87Rb Bose-Einstein Condensates
2007 Adam Kaplan Investigating the Polarization Properties of Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers
2006 Rishidev Chaudhuri Exploring spike-timing-dependent plasticity
2006 Jessie D. Erwin Analyzing the effects of noise on oscillatory gene networks
2006 Michael S. Foss-Feig Oscillatory tunnel splittings in single molecule magnets
2006 Sarang Gopalakrishnan Self-adjointness and the renormalization of singular potentials
2006 Benjamin J. Heidenreich Searching for the electron EDM using a magnetically polarized solid
2006 Jason W. Merrill Characterization of inelastic losses from Bose-Einstein condensates in the │2, 1 (box) State of 87 Rb
2006 David A. Schaich Lattice simulations of nonperturbative quantum field theories
2006 David B. Stein Pushing down the limits on a local Lorentz invariance violation
2005 Tarun Menon Quantized vortex nucleation in a 87Rb Bose-Einstein condensate
2005 Nathaniel I. Reden Life on a merry-go-round: an examination of relativistic rotating reference frames
2004 Solomon S. Granor An observation of sub-Poissonian photoelectron statistics
2004 Douglas A. Orbaker From the horizontal to the vertical: constructing a rotating apparatus to search for LLI and CPT violations
2004 Nathaniel J. Powell "Spooky Actions at a Distance": EPR and violations of Bell's inequality in an undergraduate laboratory
2004 Michael H. Reed Initial conditions in Bohmian mechanics
2004 Mark H. Wheeler A new observation of matter-wave interference in binary Bose-Einstein condensates
2004 Matthew M. Willis A quantum disappearing act: the effects of a transverse field on thermally assisted quantum tunneling in Mn-12
2003 Jessica A. Cabot The two Higgs doublet model
2003 Oliver T. Elliott Searching for the electron electric dipole moment using a solid state system
2003 Andrew W. Foss Preparation of a new rotating apparatus for measuring a violation of Lorentz symmetry
2003 Theodore J. Reber Creating and optically trapping a Bose-Einstein condensate of rubidium 87
2002 Noah D. Charney Measuring the electron EDM using GdIG for the complete klutz
2002 Catherine M. Deibel The all-optical implementation of quantum computation
2002 Rebecca J. Erwin Looking for coherence resonance
2002 Matthew T. Hummon Searching for axions
2002 Anne S. Kemble Relative theories: understanding the theoretical divergences of classical and relativistic worldviews
2002 Michael D. Niemack The search for the cause of tunneling in molecular magnets
2002 Ross C. O'Connell A foray into quantum dynamics
2002 Scott F. Owen Magnetic trapping for Bose-Einstein condensation of 87Rb
2001 Christopher J. Bednarzyk Monte Carlo simulations of the Ø4 theory
2001 Benjamin J. Samelson-Jones Vacuum construction and magneto-optic trapping for Brose-Einstein condensation
2001 Matthew E. Taylor Using neural networks to model chaotic systems
2001 Keith A. Ulmer A measurement of the linear stark shift in the a(1) state of PbO in a search for the electric dipole moment of the electron
2000 Sarah R. Bickman The rotating magnet experiment: a test of relativity
2000 Katherine M. Connelly Recent seismicity and the state of stress in the Adirondack Mountains, New York
2000 Willis P. Geffert Uncertainty, complementarity and recent "which-way" experiments
2000 Stephen E. Maxwell A high resolution spectroscopic study of PbO toward a measurement of the electron electric dipole moment
2000 Nathaniel W. Murphy Investigating the Milky Way: a population study of carbon stars in the galactic halo and disk
2000 Nathan J. Stokes Diode laser systems for Bose-Einstein condensation
1999 Brian C. Tiburzi Muonic atoms and effective field theory
1999 Margaret E. Wessling T-odd, P-even interactions and the atomic EDM
1998 Nathan D. Derr Laser spectroscopy of atomic barium as a test of Bose-Einstein statistics for photons
1998 Jared B. Hertzberg Test of electromagnetic field transformations in a rotating medium
1998 Rudolph J. Magyar Electron collisions with helium and argon
1998 Erica A. Newman Studying fundamental time-reversal asymmetry through the measurement of an electron electric dipole moment
1997 Juan M. Burwell Design and simulation of a multiwire proportional chamber for the detection of dark matter
1997 Eleanor D. Carter Effects of impurity: a thermodynamic study of adsorbed films on graphite
1996 Himel Ghosh Engineering nonclassical field states in cavity quantum electrodynamics
1996 Susan F. Reklis Low temperature heat capacity of  Nd1-xSrxMnO3
1996 Eli S. Rykoff A dark matter:  using mica as a directional particle detector
1996 Gregory R. Werner Controlling Chaos
1996 Andrew N. Youdin Axions and spin-mass coupling
1995 Hilary B. Kleinberg Melting in two dimensions: a thermodynamic study of adsorbed films on graphite
1995 Matthew C. Kuntz Alignment-to-orientation conversion induced by dynamic electric fields
1995 Michael C. O. Miller Modeling Markov processes using a particle fluid interaction
1995 Eric O. Prigge A search for a violation of local Lorentz invariance
1995 David R. Smith T violation and the neutral kaon
1995 Colin R

Colin R. Stewart
Using neural networks for understanding the nonlinear dynamics of coupled biological oscillators
1995 Christopher L. Vinnard The bastard photon: independent laser interference at the single photon level
1995 Benjamin P. Weiss The Ps and Qs of the ontological interpretation of quantum mechanics
1995 Candice L. Yuca Identical particles in quantum mechanics: a test of the symmetrization postulate
1994 James H. Dickerson II Adsorption study of sedimentary rock
1994 James B. Kellogg Optical molasses and the magneto-optic trap
1994 Stephen B. Long Specific heat measurements of the high-temperature superconductor HgBa2CuO4+d
1994 Matthew S. Ronfeldt Testing the principles of relativity: a search for a violation of local Lorentz invariance in the weak interactions
1994 Jessica B. Smith Measurement of the AC susceptibility superconducting and normal metals
1993 Pablo D. Balan Path integral theory and quantum tunneling: an excursion into imaginary time
1993 Catherine J. Berglund Was Einstein wrong? A search for a violation of local Lorentz invariance
1993 Richard A. Rubenstein Laser cooling and trapping of neutral cesium
1993 Gregory S. Smith π(superscript o)(no space)π(superscript o)(right arrow) π (superscript +)(no space)π(superscript -) in a heat bath: a quantum field theoretic calculation
1993 Alison M. Spencer An inquiry into the effects of crossed electric and magnetic fields on the (5D6P)1P state of barium
1993 Adam S. Trotter An electron on a table-top: charged particles and the principle of equivalence
1992 Sam Kamin A study of the magnetic susceptibility and specific heat of La2CuO4
1992 Kenneth E. Miller A precision measurement of the Stark shift of the 6S11/2 to 6P1/2 transition in cesium
1992 Christopher H. Perry The spacetime of a collapsing shell of light
1992 John K. Watson A study of the effects of static electric and magnetic fields on the (5d6p)1P state of barium
1991 Steven E. Apsel Berry's phase in Jahn-Teller systems
1991 Jennifer R. Eden On clouds and their interaction with radiation
1991 Karen C. Fox Tidal theory and data analysis
1991 David S. Hall Three-photon decay of orthopositronium and a possible application to Bell's theorem
1991 Peter S. Hamlen From midnight to dawn:  an investigation of rainbow holograms
1991 Kent S. Johnson On atomic polarizations induced by orthogonal electric and magnetic fields
1991 Peter J. J. Marshall Quantum mechanical tunneling of the S4 α-helix
1991 Sean T. Prigge Discontinuous specific heat measurement of the high-Tc superconductors BPSCCO and YBCO
1991 Andrew R. Schwartz Energy conversion in photovoltaic solar cells
1991 Crista L. Wilson Tunable single mode semiconductor diode lasers
1990 William M. Klipstein Optical rotations in cesium
1990 Jeffrey A. Siegel The resistivity of YBa2Cu3O7-δ:  conductivity fluctuations and magnetic field effects
1990 Meng-Lee Tan Neutrino oscillations
1990 Andrew N. Thomases High-precision measurements of the specific heat of the high-temperature superconductor YBCO
1990 Paul A. Vetter Precision measurement of the stark shift in the first excited state of lithium 7
1990 Stephan F. Wielandy Use of the quadrupole-stark interference technique to measure a small A-coefficient in barium
1989 Deborah G. Lee Chladni bars and chladni plates:  eigenstates of vibratory systems governed by fourth-order differential equations
1989 Joshua C. Long Fluctuation contributions to conductivity in a polycrystalline sample of Y1Ba2Cu307-x
1989 Austin A. Richards Precision measurement of the stark shift in the 2S1/2  - 2P1/2 lithium transition
1989 Peter A. Sheldon Properties of optical rotations
1989 Ryan S. Wallach Measuring chaos
1988 Steven M. Gutstein The casimir effect
1988 John T. Woodward IV The stark effect in the 2S1/2-->2P1/2 and 2S1/2-->2P3/2 lines of Lithium
1987 James D. Fahn A laser spectroscopic study of photon imprisonment and nonlinear fluorescence
1987 Sterling C. Johnston The quantification of chaos in a diode circuit
1987 Laurent P. Lellouch Stark electric-quadrupole interferences and the measurement of a small a- coefficient in atomic calcium
1987 Scott S. Saltman The production of second-order images in nonlinearly recorded holograms
1986 John G. Shaw Phase transitions and turbulence in binary liquid mixtures
1986 Theodore W. J. Sung The stark effect in the hyperfine structure of cesium
1986 Dmitry Svetlov Numerical solutions of eigenvalue problems
1986 William A. Walker Measurements of small A coefficients in atomic calcium and strontium using stark electric-quadrupole interference
1985 Thomas W. Bushman The Lamb dip in the helium-neon laser
1985 Nicholas D. Rosen Heat capacity measurements on holmium near a phase transition
1985 Jeffrey S. Urbach Quantum beats: experimental and theoretical approaches
1985 David S. Weiss A measurement of a small a-coefficient using the first order stark effect in atomic strontium
1984 William J. C. Amend III Camera simulation by computer
1984 Michael C. French The physics of silicon solar cells
1984 Scott C. Graeber Computer simulation of a gaseous system of molecules: the approach to equilibrium
1984 Maxwell B. Hall Instability in feedback control systems due to feedback delay
1984 Daniel J. Javit Experimental confirmation of first order holographic theory
1984 Stephen K. Peck Pair and molecular absorption spectroscopy in calcium
1984 Jeffrey M. Roush Quantum beats in the density matrix formalism
1983 Kevin M. Baliozian On computer-generated holography
1983 William A. Bodkin Diffractive imaging from pinhole to hologram
1983 Roger M. Drake Angular intensity and photon correlation studies of light scattering by small particles
1983 Eric B. Hamer The Faraday effect and the measurement of Verdet's constant in water
1983 Eric S. Hilfer Collisional broadening of spectral lines of calcium
1983 John E. L. Kleiner A study of the magnetic susceptibility and resistivity of nickel in the critical region
1983 Long D. Pham 180 degree electron scattering from 26Mg: a study of stretched nuclear spin excitations
1983 Gavin M. Watson Measurement of the second 1D2 state of calcium by the Hanle effect
1982 David A. Fahey Measurement of the critical exponent for the heat capacity near the order-disorder transition for 4He adsorbed on exfoliated graphite
1982 Ariel G. Ferdman A study of liquid crystals
1982 Joel R. Jewitt Measurement of the linear thermal expansion coefficient of TGS, using the capacitance method
1982 David A. Meacham Isotopic fractionation in argon gas hydrates
1982 Steven J. Mocarski Calorimetric measurement of thermal emittance
1981 John F. Valley Measurements of the linear thermal expansion coefficient of TGS: an interferometric method
1980 Kenneth R. Baldwin The red blood cell flicker phenomenon:  a homodyne light beating study
1980 Barbara A. Kennelly Dilution refrigeration
1980 Arthur W. Lichtenberger 4He films and superfluid transitions
1980 Stevens R. Miller Practical light scattering:  mie theory and microcomputers
1980 Peter A. Rosomoff A novel solution to the problem of frequency locking in the ring laser rotation sensor
1980 David L. Swift Holography:  the planar and volume theories
1979 Louis A. Bloomfield The onset of superfluidity in unsaturated helium films on graphite
1979 David A. Echelman Quantum interference and self-field effects in Josephson SLUG junctions
1979 Bruce Saylors McNamara Construction and modeling of a hybrid CO2 laser
1979 Thomas A. Rago Atmospheric electricity
1979 Theodore Sizer II Nitrogen pumped tunable dye lasers and laser spectroscopy
1978 David G. Boal A study of the distribution in spectral intensities of light diffracted by ultrasonic waves
1978 Ronald M. Grosslein A tunnel diode oscillator
1978 Mark S. L. Kotfila A solid state emission regulator
1978 Charles M. Marshall Jr. A computerized investigation of the heat capacity of gadolinium
1978 Mark J. McNally The use of an oscillating capacitor to measure contact potential differences
1978 Charles P. Prezzia Relativistic mass-increased and B-ray spectrometry
1977 John E. Brock Diffraction of monochromatic spherical waves by a grating
1977 Gordon D. Cates Jr. Image deformation in holographic reconstruction
1977 Thomas Gifford Magnetic saturation measurements from a hysteresis loop
1977 Mark Kotfila A solid state emission regulator
1977 Daniel C. J. Wack A double mass spectrometer arrangement
1977 John Wittpenn Humodyne spectroscopy as a method for determining diffusion constants of macromolecules
1976 Kevin H. Baines Weather or not?  An introduction to space habitat meteorology
1976 Thomas B. Broderick The predicted and actual performance of a flat-plate solar collector
1975 Lincoln C. Cobb Dynamic consideration of suspension linkages
1975 David F. Aldridge Detrital remanent magnetization
1975 Daniel V. Murphy A proton precession magnetometer
1975 Craig C. Nicholson The significance of blackbody radiation and experimental confirmation of its characteristic properties
1975 Michael M. Soojian Critical resistivity of magnetic rare earth metals
1975 Jan Tobochnik The ferroelectric phase transition in triglycine sulfate
1974 Paul R. A. Antonucci Electron tunneling between superconducting thin films
1974 Wang K. Cheung Effective potential and its relation to the dynamics of a many-particle system
1974 David P. Corey An audio frequency maser using the nuclear zeeman transition in helium 3
1973 John M. Fox A one meter Foucault pendulum: a study in understanding and eliminating asymmetries
1973 Isaac A. Harris Jr. Cryosorption pumping with molecular sieve 5A at 77 K: indfficiency with desirable results?
1973 Bruce S. Klutchko Oxygen isotope fractionation in bacteria
1973 Paul R. Murphy A He-3/He-4 dilution refrigerator using a S.H.E. minifridge
1973 James R. Scholten An experimental and theoretical investigation of the speed of light as a function of the direction of propagation
1972 Bradford H. Hager An electrical investigation of the ferroelectric phase transition in triglycene sulfate
1972 John W. Keene Jr. Measuring the mean lifetime of cosmic mu-mesons: techniques and analyses
1972 Abbott B. Lipsky Jr. Two essays
1972 William P. Peace Measuring gas solubility ratios
1972 Bradley A. Stirn Single-exposure transmission holograms and double-exposure interferometric holograms--theory and technique of production
1971 Roger W. Turton A He-3/He-4 dilution refrigerator
1970 Viktor K. Decyk Dielectric measurements of ferroelectric triglycine sulfate, and some implications
1970 Abram R. Jacobson The Navier-Stokes equation and its solutions for certain boundary conditions
1970 Richard G. Kellogg An attempted investigation of the D. C. Josephson effect
1970 James A. Rothendler Holography:  some practical considerations and a selected application
1970 William T. Vetterling Transient response to spherical sinusoidal acoustic waves reflected and transmitted at a plane interface
1970 Clark A. Wiedmann Problems in holography
1969 James R. English Reciprocity in the transmission of spherical acoustic waves at a plane interface separating two homogeneous fluids
1969 Christopher J. Leininger The D. C. Josephson effect in tin and lead thin films: an approach to measuring the penetration depth as a function of temperature
1969 David H. Roberts A new kinetic theory
1969 Peter C. Weaver A small mass spectrometer with double focusing capabilities
1968 Peter J. Collings A sensitive potentiometer for use at liquid helium temperatures utilizing the D. C. Josephson effect
1968 Marc Damashek Quantum mechanical treatment of simple two-particle systems in a potential well
1968 Charles M. Delbaum Second sound in liquid helium as a function of temperature
1968 Mark A. Peterson Pion scattering from a three-nucleon system
1968 Nelson S. Saks The electrical resistivity of a series of thorium-cerium alloys between 1.2 and 300 degrees Kelvin
1968 Michael T. Takemori Designing a Mossbauer effect spectrometer
1967 David E. Andrews Preparation of the noble gases for mass spectrometric analysis
1967 Jonathan R. Cole Opertional amplifiers and the resistance bridge of the low-temperature laboratory
1967 John H. Freeman Atomic beams
1967 Thomas J. Ostwald Magnetic levitation of a superconducting lead sphere
1967 Daniel C. Wilkins The quantum-mechanical interaction of two particles in a box
1966 Julian G. Blake The calibration of a germanium resistance thermometer in the temperature range 1oK to 4oK
1966 William C. Boicourt The Stern - Gerlach experiment
1966 Jay S. Buechner Analysis of the suspension of a superconducting sphere in a magnetic field
1966 John E. Hart V. L. F. radiation from multiple stroke lightning
1966 James H. Higbie Accelerational and gravitational phenomena in special relativity
1966 John S. King Jr. Determination of intermolecular potentials using high-energy elastic scattering by He4
1966 Brian Lloyd Molecular potentials for He-CH4 and He-CH3 interactions from elastic scattering cross-sections
1966 Andrew K. McMahan The specific heat of niobium below 20 degrees Kelvin
1966 John B. Sharefkin The threshold behavior of cross sections for excitation of atomic hydrogen by electron impact
1966 Ramiro R. Tobón A helium - three cryostat (Masters)
1965 William P. Bendiner The magnetic susceptibility and specific heat of U238 in the range 1-45o K
1965 Howard E. Greene Jr. A magnetic suspension
1965 Richard J. Klivans A molecular beams apparatus
1965 Robert W. Milkey The law of darkening and the radiative equilibrium of a plane-parallel gray atmosphere
1965 Tibor T. Polgar Isotopic fractionation of argon in distilled water
1965 Davison E. Soper The angular momentum of the electromagnetic field
1964 Philip B. Allen An investigation of the mechanical work done by a magnetic field
1964 Farzam Arbab The dispersion relation for electromagnetic waves in a plasma in the presence of a magnetic field
1964 George B. Burnett III An omegatron mass spectrometer for the analysis of the noble gases
1964 Edmundo Gutierrez R. A resistance measuring device for thermometric use in the temperature range 4o to 40o K (Masters)
1964 Robert A. Knox A Mössbauer effect measurement of the nuclear Zeeman hyperfine splitting of the 14.4 keV gamma ray in Fe57
1964 Terence D. Reilly Optical heterodyning with a gas laser
1964 Henry F. Romer A Wien bridge oscillator using a carbon resistance thermometer for low temperature measurements
1964 Peter Wintersteiner Mutual inductance measurements for use in low-temperature work
1963 Wyland L. Blanchard The design and operation of a superconducting solenoid
1963 Brooke Gregory Oscillations in viscous fluids: a special class of boundary value problems
1963 Thomas H. Manwell A four-channel coincidence-anticoincidence analyzer
1963 Bruce R. Thompson The specific heat of CoCl26H2O in the liquid helium temperature range
1963 Tycho T. von Rosenvinge Measurement of the relativistic mass of beta-particles from Sr **
1962 Howard H. Barney The low temperature thermal conductivity of a metal interface
1962 Daved L. Elwell The pressure dependence of superfluid density in He II---a variation on the Andronikashvili experiment
1962 John R. Kiely III The angular distribution of positron annihilation radiation
1962 James L. Lehr Internal motions in fluids of variable density
1962 G. Alexander Stewart Magnetic thermometry using cerium magnesium nitrate
1961 Charles J. Chotkowski Resistance measurement with very low power dissipation
1961 Peter D. DeCicco Examination of flow in a tube by means of nuclear induction
1961 Gordon L. Doerfer Lagrangian formulation of some selected problems in hydrodynamics
1961 William P. Pratt Jr. Effect of liquid helium vapor on heat conduction into a low temperature apparatus
1961 Olin B. van Dyck Energy generation and opacity in stellar interiors
1960 John G. Cross The diffraction of light by ultrasonic waves
1960 Richard B. Ferguson Paramagnetic resonance in solids
1960 David S. Foster Some aspects of color perception
1960 Richard C. Hall Oxygen isotope fractionation by fresh-water bacteria
1960 Andrew P. Ingersoll Periodic instabilities in the flow of fluid in an open rotating basin
1960 Douglas E. MacLaughlin A two-stage adiabatic demagnetization cryostat
1960 John Neubauer The effect of helium film on pumping systems
1960 John M. Pierce The low temperature specific heat of iodine
1960 John P. Richardson Oxygen isotope fractionation in photosynthesis
1960 A. Gary Shilling Some examples of stationary planetary flow patterns in bounded basins with non-level bottoms
1960 Norman A. Spencer Isotope fractionation in the oxygen-consuming reactions of cytochrome oxidase and glucose oxidase
1959 Theodore Green III Qualitative and quantitative observations of fluid flows in a rotating system
1959 Thomas B. Greenslade Jr. A secondary frequency standard
1959 Robert Holmes Report on the effect of the change in the adiabatic temperature on the piezoelectric constnatn of tourmaline
1959 Richard E. Schwemm Investigations with a magnetic thin-lens beta particle spectrometer
1959 Paul N. Vonckx Jr. A Wilson cloud chamber
1959 William I. Weisberger Theory of a cylindrical electrostatic lens
1959 David S. Wollan Calorimeter and gas thermometer for the temperature range 4 degrees to 15 degrees K
1959 Charles D. Yegian The specific heat of magnetite in the liquid helium temperature range
1959 Max W. Yeh Low temperatures by the evaporation method
1958 Daniel E. Feldman Oxygen isotope fractionation in the reactions catalyzed by cytochrome oxidase and tyrosinase
1958 Alan F. Haught A scintillation counter for underwater radiation research
1958 John B. Hopkins Construction of a super-regenerative oscillator for the study of nuclear quadrupole resonance
1958 George E. Keith Jr. An electronic detector for mercury vapor
1958 Richard J. Noer The specific heats of three plastics in the liquid helium temperature range
1958 Peter MacD. Parker A method for the accurate determination of the solubilities of nitrogen and argon in aqueous solutions
1958 Robert A. R. Parker On a spectral criterion for the absolute magnitudes of Wolf-Rayet stars
1958 Winthrop W. Smith Spin-echo phenomena and the measurement of relaxation times in liquids
1958 Bruce A. Warren Selected problems in accoustic and surface wave propagation
1957 Edward J. Bleser A method for determining the oxygen isotope ration in sea water
1957 William A. Jeffers Jr. The thermal magneto-resistance of copper between 4.2 [degrees] and 1 [degrees] K
1957 David W. Koopman Stark and Zeeman effects in molecular microwave spectroscopy
1957 Kong-Ki Min The atomic heats of normal and superconducting indium between 4.2 (degrees) and 1 (degree) K
1957 John D. Stackpole The isotope fractionation of oxygen during the electrolysis of water
1957 Kwang Yu Some problems in quantum mechanics
1956 John M. Goodkind A transitron oscillator applied to nuclear resonance experiments
1956 Hans P. Lie A method for the removal of gas dissolved in ocean water samples without fractionation
1956 Edgar E. Magee Jr. Magnetoresistive effects in the thermal conductivity of copper at liquid helium temperatures
1956 Joseph L. Snider The specific heat of thallium in the liquid helium temperature range
1955 Robert T. Basseches The specific heat of tin at liquid helium temperatures
1955 H. Carter Burdette Superconductivity of tin
1955 Edwin T. Florance The propagation of sound in an inhomogenous ocean
1955 Paul Penfield Jr. A modern photoelectric galvanometer d.c. amplifier
1954 Ronald Bos Amplifier and mutual inductance bridge for low temperature thermometry
1954 Jerome Kalafut Measurement and detection of radio-active phenomena using coincidence methods
1954 Hilary Norman Specific heats of metals at low temperatures
1954 Lee W. Dean III The Hall effect in cuprous oxide, and the construction of a magnetic field strength meter using the principle of the Hall effect
1953 John T. Crone Surface wave phenomena in liquids
1953 Dwight H. Damon Electromagnetic radiation from a spark gap; the Hertzian oscillator
1953 Jonathan R. Fadiman Report on the measurement of piezoelectric constant of tourmaline crystals by means of an electronic microcoulometer
1953 George L. Henry A microwave determination of the quality factor of polar solutions
1953 Robert T. Ward An investigation of two theories of white light as applied to the phenomenon of Talbot's bands
1953 Richard E. Watson An experiment in X-rays and X-ray crystallography
1952 Rudolph W. Bauer An experiment in electron diffraction
1952 Langdon T. Crane Jr. An experiment in X-Ray diffraction
1952 Winston R. Hindle An electronic tabulator
1952 Donald Neal Introductory studies in interferometry theory and practice
1952 Robert H. Romer Line shapes in nuclear magnetic resonance absorption
1952 Jan P. Toennies An experiment in paramagnetic resonance absorption
1952 William Zimmerman Jr. Development of a magnetic thin lens beta particle spectrometer
1951 Frederik B. Christensen Oxide films
1951 Thomas H. George A Wilson cloud chamber
1951 George A. Grover Specific heats
1951 William B. Hawkins Coincidence measurement of the Compton effect
1951 John D. Olds Nuclear magnetic moments
1951 Daniel Schwarzkopf An apparatus for the diffraction of electrons
1950 Peter A. Button The Zeeman effect
1950 Irving L. Chidsey A radiation pressure balance
1950 Theodore Foote Investigation with and about the operation of a Wilson cloud chamber
1950 Robert A. Huggins An introductory study of the effect of sintering period on several properties of carbonyl nickel plaques
1950 H.W. Kendall Electrostatic acceleration of particles using a van de graaff generator
1950 George H. Pettee Amherst College project report
1950 Sheldon K. Towson Alpha particle scattering
1950 Carl R. Woese Metabolism of purines and pyrimidines in normal and tumor tissue
1949 Richard B. Evans The determination of Planck's constant by use of the photo-electric effect
1949 William H. Gerdts The devil and William Hogarth
1949 Frank C. Hartzell A Wilson cloud chamber
1949 Donald C. Hoesterey The calibration of a thin lens beta particle spectrometer using Co60
1949 Paul Joseph Keller X-ray studies of molybdenum
1949 James C. King Measurement of ultrasonic sound absorption in electrolytes using an optical method
1949 Edward C. Park Jr. Ion collection system and electronic circuits for a nier 60-degree mass spectrometer
1948 Robert C. Allen The magnetic moment of the proton
1948 S. Barry Jennings Jr. Thin lens beta ray spectrometer
1948 Joseph Rosenthal Geiger counter
1948 Walter F. Titus A crystal controlled clock
1948 Edward S. Wajda 50,000 volts power plant and x-ray apparatus
1947 George H. Lane, Jr. Some investigations in magnetism
1945 William Baer Construction and operation of a coincidence circuit using Geiger-Muller tubes for countiung cosmic rays
1943 Bruce B. Benson Ultra high-speed photography
1943 B.J. Dotson Magnetic testing of the hardness of ferromagnetic bodies machined to uniform sizes
1940 W.A. Hargreaves Rubber research work
1934 E.H. Cleaveland Change of resistance of a series of iron rods when subjected to a magnetic field
1934 Walter A. McKean A method of producing variable frequency alternating current
1934 R.E. Simington Absolute electrometer
1933 Edward J. Burnell A quantitative study of a special case of Bernoulli's theorem
1933 Robert E. Simington Experiment to improve the magnitude-measuring device of the Amherst College observatory
1932 H. Hunter Smith The effect of varying hardness of a series of monelmetal rods on the change of resistance per ohm resistance produced by a magnetic field
1930 Emery Meschter The measurement of high temperatures and a related problem
1929 Paul Mitchell Some studies on the elastic properties of rubber
1929 William H. Rose Relativity