Courses in Physics and Astronomy

Fall 2010

PHYS-16 Introductory Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion

Ashley R. Carter (Sections 04 and 05)

PHYS-17 Introductory Physics II: Electromagnetism and Optics

Paul S. Bourgeois (Sections 01 and 02)
Arthur G. Zajonc (Sections 01 and 02)

PHYS-23 The Newtonian Synthesis: Dynamics of Particles and Systems, Waves

Larry R. Hunter (Section 01)

PHYS-25 Modern Physics

Jonathan R. Friedman (Section 01)

PHYS-27 Methods of Theoretical Physics

William A. Loinaz (Section 01)

PHYS-43 Dynamics

Jonathan R. Friedman (Section 01)

PHYS-47 Electromagnetic Theory I

Jagu Jagannathan (Section 01)