Courses in Physics and Astronomy

Spring 2014

PHYS-109 Energy

Larry R. Hunter (Section 01)

PHYS-116 Introductory Physics I: Mechanics and Wave Motion

Larry R. Hunter (Section 01)
Jagu Jagannathan (Section 01)

PHYS-117 Introductory Physics II: Electromagnetism and Optics

Keisuke Hasegawa (Section 01)

PHYS-124 The Maxwellian Synthesis: Dynamics of Charges and Fields, Optics

Ashley R. Carter (Section 01)

PHYS-226 Intermediate Laboratory

Jonathan R. Friedman (Section 01)

PHYS-230 Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics

David Hanneke (Section 01)

PHYS-348 Quantum Mechanics I

David Hanneke (Section 01)