Faculty Research

Departmental faculty, as indeed the entire College faculty, regards research and scholarly work as integral to continued effective teaching. Moreover, undergraduates have the opportunity to work in collaboration with members of the faculty during the summers, during Interterm, and in their senior year, as part of their honors project. The areas in which the physics faculty are currently active are Experimental Condensed Matter Physics (Professors Friedman and Gordon) Experimental Atomic Physics, Laser Spectroscopy, Laser Trapping and Cooling, Bose Einstein Condensation (Professors Hall, Hanneke, and Hunter), Precision Measurements and Tests of Fundamental Symmetries (Professors Hanneke and Hunter), Particle Physics and High Energy Theory (Professors Jagannathan and Loinaz), Physics on the Subway (Professor Romer), and Experimental Biophysics (Professor Carter).


Physics and Astronomy Department

AC# 2244
Amherst College
Amherst, MA 01002-5000
Larry Hunter, Chair

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