External Award Recipients

Jai Dreher wins the Biophysical Society’s Undergraduate Poster Competition

Jai Dreher has won the Biophysical Society's Undergraduate Poster Competition with a poster featuring “Fixing the bucket angle on a centrifugal force microscope.” This is a national award that is given to only ten undergraduates per year.

Cailin Plunket Recieves 2023 LeRoy Apker Award

Cailin Plunkett ’23 has received the American Physical Society’s prestigious 2023 LeRoy Apker Award, which each year recognizes just two undergraduate students from across the U.S. for their outstanding achievements in physics–in Plunkett’s case, for her groundbreaking undergraduate thesis work on still-forming planets. 

Apker Award Recipients: Louis Bloomfield '79

Apker Award Finalist: Benjamin Heidenreich, Andrew Goudin, Kai-Isaak Ellers '19, Ryan McMillian '20

The American Physics Society Award to a Faculty Member for Research  In An Undergraduate Institution Sponsored by the Research Corporation 

Larry B. Hunter- 1991

David S. Hall- 2012

Cailin Plunkett 23' Wins FCAD Mary Dailey Irvine Thesis Prize

Physics and Astronomy senior Cailin Plunkett is this year's winner of the Mary Dailey Irvine Award for a distinguished thesis in the Five College Astronomy Department. Her thesis, “Population Properties of Protoplanets: Quantifying Completeness in the Presence of Accretion", and her oral presentation, were considered exemplary by the Prize Committee.

Goldwater Scholars:  

Chris Perry '92, Adam Trotter '93, Greg Smith '93, Ben Weiss '95, Jon Lackman '96, Janina Matuszeski '97, Matthew Hummon '02, John Ware '11, Alex Frennet '19, Kai-Isaac Ellers '19 (honorable mention), Ryan McMillian '20, Jéa Adams ‘21, Lena Treiber ‘22E, Cailin Plunkett ‘23, Ethan Spingarn '23, Alex Del Franco ‘24

Five College Astronomy Department Mary Daly Irvine Thesis Prize: 

Alex Watson ‘18, Cailin Plunkett ‘23

Five Colleges Lorna Peterson Prize: 

Jéa Adams ‘21, Sierra Gomez ‘22

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 


Jéa Adams ’21, Lena Treiber ‘22E, Julia Woodward '24

AAS Chambliss Undergraduate Presentation Award: 

Julio Morales ‘22

AAS Chambliss Undergraduate Presentation Award 

Honorable Mention: 

Sierra Gomez ’22, Lillian Jiang ’22, Jéa Adams ’21, Sebastian Gameros Corona ‘20

Society of Physics Students (SPS) Leadership Scholarship:

Sophie Koh '22