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This figure illustrates part of the peculiar structure of the quantum knot.
This figure illustrates part of the peculiar structure of the quantum knot. There are actually an infinite number of rings, each linked with all of the others exactly once. Image credit: Allen Li '15

Physics Professor David Hall and Team First to Tie Knots in Quantum Matter

Physicists have long predicted the possibility of tying knots in quantum fields. But no one has been able to make or observe a three-dimensional quantum knot, until now.

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Last September, after years of watching, a team of scientists led by Amherst College astronomy professor Daryl Haggard observed and recorded the largest-ever flare in X-rays from a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. (Read more)

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 Physics Professor David Hall and Team Observe Quantum-Mechanical Monopoles

Building on his own previous research, Amherst College professor David S. Hall ’91 and a team of international collaborators have experimentally identified a pointlike monopole in a quantum field for the first time. (Read more)