2014 - 2015 Physics Colloquia

Unless otherwise noted, all physics seminars and colloquia are held on Tuesdays from 4:45 to 6:00, in lecture room 3 of Merrill Science Center. Tea and snacks will be served before seminars at 4:15 in 204 Merrill. If you would like to be mailed seminar announcements, please send an email to Ellen Feld.

Contact colloquium organizer Jonathan Friedman with any questions about colloquia.

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Sept. 11 (Thurs.) - Welcome Back Pizza Party. Student lounge - Merrill 114-116, 4:30PM

Majors, as well as those interested in physics, are welcome to attend.  To be held at 4:30 in the Department's student lounge - Rooms 114/116 of Merrill.  Please RSVP to Ellen Feld at effeld@amherst.edu by Thursday morning at 10AM (need a head count to order enough pizza for everybody).

Oct. 14 - Fall Break

Oct. 23 - Luis Orozco - Joint Quantum Institute/Univ. of Maryland


The Fr project at TRIUMF has started trapping and cooling this radioactive atom. We have done some optical spectroscopy to quantify the atomic nucleus and are preparing the apparatus to study weak interactions in this heavy alkali. I will give an update of the project.


Nov. 4 - Prof. Marla Geha - Yale University

The Milky Way Ultra-Faint Galaxies

The Milky Way ultra-faint galaxies are the least luminous and most dark matter dominated galaxies in the known Universe.  We have recently shown that these galaxies are also the oldest known galaxies,
containing exclusively stars which formed over 11 billion years ago. I will review these results and their implications for the epoch of reionization, dark matter searches and galaxy formation models at all
mass scales.


Nov. 25 - Thanksgiving Break