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Abstract: The standard model of particle theory successfully describes every fundamental particle and force observed in laboratories, yet fails to explain properties of the universe such as the existence of dark matter, the amount of dark energy, and the preponderance of matter over antimatter. Large-scale experiments continue to search for new particles and forces that might explain these phenomena. However, these frontiers also are explored in certain smaller, laboratory-scale “tabletop” experiments. This approach uses precision measurement techniques and devices from atomic, quantum, and condensed-matter physics to detect tiny signals due to new particles or forces. Several of these experiments are approaching fundamental quantum limits on their sensitivity. In certain cases quantum engineering can be used to circumvent these limits. This talk will describe some of these experiments and schemes, with a focus on searches for axion dark matter.

Refreshments will begin at 3:30pm followed by the talk at 4:00pm.

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Jessica Monahan
(413) 542-2251
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