Corrales Study Abroad

Students must take a minimum of 6 courses, at least 1 at each level, from within the Political Science Department at Amherst College.

Students who are enrolling in elective courses taught abroad for one semester may count two elective political science courses toward the major; they may count three political science elective courses if they are abroad for one year. Students should work with their political science advisor to determine which political science courses would satisfy our major requirements. These courses should not be redundant with other courses already taken.

Students may take up to two courses in political science from Smith, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, and the University of Massachusetts. Such courses must 1) be taught by someone with a degree in political science or have substantial political content; and 2) not be redundant with other courses already taken. The chair of the department will decide which 5 College courses will be given credit toward the major.

For transfer students, the Department will accept up to three courses for the major from the school from which they transferred.  We may waive the introductory course requirement if the transfer student has had an equivalent course.

For students coming to the College with a BA we will accept 4 courses and waive the introductory course requirement.

Decisions Regarding Credit or Requests to Vary the Requirements for Completion of the Major: Decisions regarding credit or requests to vary the requirements for completion of the major shall be made by the Department Chair.