Courses in Psychology

Spring 2011

PSYC-11 Introduction to Psychology

Saaid A. Mendoza (Section 02)
Lisa A. Raskin (Section 01)

PSYC-12 Introduction to Biological Psychology

John-Paul Baird (Section 01)

PSYC-20 Social Psychology

Catherine A. Sanderson (Section 01)

PSYC-21 Personality Psychology

Amy P. Demorest (Section 01)

PSYC-22 Statistics and Experimental Design

Elizabeth J. Aries (Section 02)
Saaid A. Mendoza (Section 03)
Matthew Schulkind (Sections 02 and 03)

PSYC-26 Introduction to Neuroscience

John-Paul Baird (Sections 02 and 03)
Stephen A. George (Sections 02 and 03)

PSYC-27 Developmental Psychology

Elizabeth J. Aries (Section 01)

PSYC-34 Memory

Matthew Schulkind (Section 01)

PSYC-52 Self and Identity

Jessica Salvatore (Section 01)

PSYC-53 Psychological Assessment

Amy P. Demorest (Section 01)

PSYC-54 Close Relationships

Catherine A. Sanderson (Section 01)

PSYC-57 History of Psychiatry

Lisa A. Raskin (Section 01)