Information for New Students for Fall 2020

Dear New Students,

Most students will begin with PSYC-100 Introduction to Psychology, which will be taught during the 2020-2021 academic year during the one month January intensive session ONLY.  This course will be offered on-line, with a combination of independent on-line learning and interactive small group discussion sections that will meet twice a week (one hour each time) with a faculty member.  All students who are interested in psychology as a major, and do not place out of this course (see below), should sign up for this January session.  There will be space for all interested students.  For first-year students, it is also possible to delay taking Introduction to Psychology until the fall of 2021, and still become a major. 

It is also very important to make sure that PSYC-100 is the right placement before signing up for this class.  Students may NOT enroll in Psych 100 if they:

      *   scored a 4 or 5 on the Psychology Advanced Placement exam,

      *   scored 6 or better on the Psychology International Baccalaureate exam, or

      *   completed an introductory psychology course at another college or university.

The department will check enrollments after pre-registration and will drop any students who meet any of these criteria. First-year students who place out of PSYC-100 should take an intermediate (200-level) course. Intermediate courses with space available for the fall of 2020 are Personality Psychology (PSYC-221) and Cognitive Psychology (PSYC-233).

Please email any questions that you have to Professor Catherine Sanderson, the Chair of the Psychology Department (