Assistant Professor of Psychology
Director, Child Learning and Development Lab
Drew Altizer
Research Assistant
Drew is a junior psychology and economics double major from Charlottesville, VA.  He became interested in research psychology after taking Prof. Palmquist’s Developmental class the fall of his sophomore year.  He worked for the Center for Educational Improvement over the 2016 summer, where he wrote articles and blog posts relating to psychology for their website.  Drew is considering going into a PhD program for psychology or behavioral economics after he graduates.  When he’s not studying or in the lab, Drew plays for the Amherst Men’s Lacrosse team and fly fishes in his free time. 
 Erika DeAngelis                                                                
Research Assistant                                                                  
Erika is a sophomore from Rochester, NY. She first became interested in developmental psychology when she began working in the Baby Lab at the University of Rochester throughout high school. She plans on majoring in Psychology at Amherst, with the ultimate intention of pursuing a PhD in Developmental Psychology. In addition to working in the CLAD Lab, Erika works as a research assistant in the Infant Cognition Lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is also a member of the Amherst Symphony Orchestra. 
 Rebecca Jordan                                                            
Research Assistant                                                       
Rebecca is a sophomore from Rye, NY. Prior to working in the CLAD Lab, she volunteered as a full-time assistant teacher for learning disabled children with English as a second language. Rebecca won the American Psychological Association's 2014 Competition for High School Psychology Students with her research paper, "Childhood Obesity: Turning a Risk Factor into a Solution". Rebecca hopes to major in Psychology and ultimately pursue at PhD in Developmental or Clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, Rebecca takes yoga classes and is a member of the Amherst Political Union. 
 DivineAsia Miller
Research Assistant
DivineAsia Miller is a sophomore from Brooklyn, New York. She’s pursuing a degree in Psychology at Amherst College, and her intentions are to acquire a graduate degree in the field and go on to practice Clinical Psychology. Among her particular psychological interests are Freudian theory, neopsychoanalysis and cognitive gender differences in development. When not in the lab, DivineAsia is a member of the Mock Trial team and a sloth enthusiast.
Gina Pagan                                                                                              
Research Assistant                                                                          
Gina is a junior Psychology and Economics double major from Berkeley, CA. Her interest in developmental psychology began through her work as a mathematics and English tutor for elementary school children, and further developed in her time as a volunteer for Project Great Outdoors. Gina hopes to pursue a PhD in Behavioral Economics or Gender Studies. Outside of the lab, she is a member of the Amherst College Softball team and a publisher for the Amherst Student.
 Anna Vuong
Research Assistant
Anna is a junior Psychology major from Cockeysville, MD. Her interest in Psychology began after a very influential and inspirational high school teacher prompted her to think about the world of Educational Psychology. Since then, she has taught English to children in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and in various parts of China during summer breaks. She has a passion for children and education, and is interested in their intersection with Developmental Psychology. Anna hopes to continue studying either some sort of Psychology or Education after Amherst. Outside of the CLAD lab, she tutors adults at The Literacy Project and sings for the Christian acapella group, Terras Irradient.
Previous Thesis Students
Nia Harris, 2014; Rachel Tannenbaum, 2015; Marissa Fierro, 2016; Ashleigh Rutherford, 2016
Previous Research Assistants
Aubrie Campbell, 2014; Madeleine Lobrano, 2015; Gabriella Selover, 2017; Donna Kim, 2016; Kramer Peterson, 2017