Associate Professor of Psychology
Director, Child Learning and Development Lab 
Natalie Hobbs
Thesis Student
Natalie is a senior from Wilmington, Delaware majoring in psychology and economics. Unsure of her career path, Natalie is interested in pursuing a career in clinical psychology or marketing. She enjoys coaching and working with kids of all ages. Outside of the lab, she is a member of the Amherst College Field Hockey team. 
Sylvia Lanni
Thesis Student
Sylvia is senior from Walpole, Massachusetts, majoring in psychology and English. She is interested in developmental psychopathology and hopes to become a clinical child psychologist. Outside of the lab, Sylvia enjoys embroidery, running, and singing with the Amherst Choral Society! 
Madison Green
Research Assistant
Madison is a sophomore from South Orange, New Jersey. She is currently a prospective psychology major on the Pre-Med Track. She plans to pursue a career in the clinical psychology field working with children. Outside of the lab, Madison is an E-board member of the Black Student Union and a proud tennis player and fencer. In her spare time, she enjoys doing the New York Times crossword, reading, and watching historical documentaries about monarchs. 
Shikha Jha
Research Assistant
Shikha is a senior from Detroit, Michigan, majoring in psychology. She's planning on pursuing a career in medicine, potentially as a psychiatrist! Outside of the lab, Shikha is the Artistic Director of Dance and Step at Amherst College (DASAC) and the South Asian Chair for the Asian Students Association. For fun, she enjoys cross-sitching, cooking, and staying in bed on the weekends. 
Eline Laurent
Research Assistant
Eline is a senior from Concord, Massachusetts. She is a neuroscience and psychology double-major. She plans to pursue a career in cognitive neuroscience and developmental psychology research. This past summer, she interned at Boston Children's Hospital's Gaab Lab, where she participated in various research projects focused on children diagnosed with, or at risk for, language-based learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Outside of the lab, Eline is a member of the Amherst College Cross Country and Track and Field teams. 
Eren Levine
Research Assistant
Eren is a sophomore from New York City. She is planning to major in psychology and is currently on the Pre-Med Track. While unsure of her exact career path, Eren hopes to work with children either in the medical field or in clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, Eren is the news editor for the Amherst STEM Network and is a member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team. She also enjoys reading, going for long walks, and spending time with friends and family!
Thariana Pichardo
Research Assistant
Thariana is a senior from the Bronx, New York. She's double majorig in psychology and political science. Thariana is interested in pursuing a career where she can help low-income, immigrant families, whether that's through research or practice. Outside of the lab, she's part of the Wellness Team, La Causa, and a resident counselor. On her weekends, she enjoys volunteering at a local soup kitchen and going to Zumba class!
Kate Redmond
Research Assistant
Kate is a junior from Cape Cod, Massachusetts majoring in psychology. While undecided about her exact career path, she hopes to help low-income communities either by practicing medicine or going into clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, Kate is a Community Advisor and a member of Health for Humanity. She also enjoys going on trips with the Outing Club and playing on the Womxn's Ultimate Frisbee Team. 
Jasmine Shehni
Research Assistant
Jasmine is a junior from Houston, Texas majoring in psychology. Unsure of her exact career path, Jasmine is interested in pursuing a career in psychology research or consulting. Outside of the lab, she enjoys reading, listening to music, and volunteering. She is also a member of Amherst's 3D organization.
Megan Taketa
Research Assistant
Megan is a junior from Seattle, Washington. While unsure about what her exact career path may look like, she is interested in both developmental psychology research and pediatric occupational therapy. Outside of academics, Megan is part of the Amherst College Softball team and enjoys coaching young athletes!
Camila Villagra-Riquelme
Research Assistant
Camila is a senior from Bethesda, Maryland majoring in psychology and political science. She plans to pursue a career in an interdisciplinary field that potentially incorporates her interests in developmental psychology and public service. Outside of the lab, Camila also works as a campus tour guide and a research assistant for the political science department. In her free time, Camila likes to play soccer and do crosswords. 
Cayla Weiss
Research Assistant
Cayla is a junior from Lexington, Massachusetts. Although she currently undeclared, she is interested in psychology and potentially environmental studies. She is also undecided about a career path, but she is potentially interested in pursuing clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, she enjoys crocheting, figure skating, and is a member of the Amherst Women's Crew Team. 
Previous Thesis Students
Nia Harris, 2014; Rachel Tannenbaum, 2015; Marissa Fierro, 2016; Ashleigh Rutherford, 2016; Danielle Griffin, 2018; Krista Goebel, 2018; Erika DeAngelis, 2019; Rebecca Jordan, 2019; Andrew Floersheimer, 2020; Julia Ruggerio, 2021; Heather Scott, 2021. 
Previous Research Assistants
Aubrie Campbell, 2014; Madeleine Lobrano, 2015; Gabriella Selover, 2017; Donna Kim, 2016; Kramer Peterson, 2017; Andrew Altizer, 2018; Gina Pagan, 2018; Anna Vuong, 2018; DivineAsia Miller, 2019; Denise Noriega, 2019; Lauren Reppert, 2019; Kristen Riley, 2019; Gabby Rose, 2019; Jenna Finklestein, 2020; Madison Forde, 2020; Christina Lee, 2020; Katie Crum, 2021; Grace Haase, 2021; Lauren Simpson, 2021; Gyselle Hennessey, 2022; Kelly Huang, 2022; Anna Madden, 2022; Jenna Wyman, 2022; Chloe Metz, 2023.