Research Thesis Titles

Psychology Thesis Titles for the Year 2018

Kayla Balda                        

Peer Victimization and BPD Features in Children:

An Examination of Mediating Variable and Risk Trajectories (Prof. McQuade)

Kristal Goebel                   

Help! I Need Somebody: Experiencing Success Influences School-aged Children’s Help-seeking Behavior    

(Prof. Palmquist)

Danielle Griffin                 

The Role of Context and Cognitive Ability in Children's Skepticism of Deceptive Information

(Prof. Palmquist) 

Hannah Hackley               

The Malleability of Agency and Communion:                                        

How Situational Contexts Impact Our Self-Expression (Prof. Hart)

Ian Kadish

Pluralistic Ignorance and the Interpretation of Being “Put Together”:  A Study of Effortless Perfectionism

(Prof. Sanderson)

Timothy Lee                      

Causal Evidence for Communally Constrained Decisions (Prof. McCarty)

Nicholas Marsh

Parent Emotion Socialization and Pre-adolescent Psychopathology:  The Moderating Role of Physiological Reactivity and Gender (Prof. McQuade)

John P. Miller                    

Benefits of Socioeconomic Diversity: A Study of Lower-Income and Affluent Students Eight Years After Graduation (Professor Aries)

Kyle Obana                        

The Influence of the Big Five and Optimism Differences on Autobiographical Memory (Prof. Schulkind)

Phuong-Nghi Pham        

A Snapshot of Our Visual World (Prof. Cohen)

Quinn Phillips

A Path to Freedom: A Narrative Analysis of Life Sentence Parole Hearings (Prof. Schulkind)

Rosalyn Rohling            

White in the World:  A study of White People’s Racial Identity and Understanding of Race Across Twelve Years (Prof. Aries)

Amanda Temares          

Can We Trust our Memories?  The Rose of the Big-Five Personality Traits on Susceptibility to Misinformation   (Prof. Hart)

Olivia Vayer                       

Personality’s Influence on Narrative Construction:  The Effect of Emotional Intelligence, Empathy, Self-monitoring and Identity on Autobiographical Narrative Sharing in Social Contexts (Prof. Schulkind)