Departmental Honors Research. A limited number of majors will engage in honors research under the direction of a faculty member during their senior year. Honors research involves credit for three courses (usually one course credit during the fall and two credits during the spring semester) and culminates in a thesis. The thesis usually involves both a review of the previous literature pertinent to the selected area of inquiry and a report of the methods and results of a study conducted by the student. Any student interested in pursuing honors research in psychology should discuss possible topics with appropriate faculty before preregistration in the second semester of the junior year.

Special Topics. This course is open to qualified students who desire to engage in independent reading on selected topics or conduct research projects. Preference will be given to those students who have done good work in one or more departmental courses beyond the introductory level. A full course or a half course. Open to Juniors and Seniors with consent of the instructor. First and second semesters.

Research Assistantships. Opportunities are available in some laboratories. Consult with individual faculty.  Funding for summer research opportunities may be available through the Amherst College summer SURF program.