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APA Style Manual

  • Detailed guidlines for the preparation of APA style reports.

Careers in psychology

  • Published by the American Psychological Association, a slim volume outlining what is psychology, what psychologists do, employment outlook and career options with a master's degree.

Career paths in psychology Published by the American Psychological Association.

  • Psychologist who have achieved success in their work discuss what they like and dislike about being a psychologist. Discussion includes salaries, job opportunities, and what it takes to make it in the field.

Getting In: A Step-by-Step Plan for Gaining Admission to Graduate School in Psychology

  • The book asks the reader a series of questions to ascertain whether psychology is the appropriate field to enter. It is followed by chapters such as "Assessing qualifications and improving your chances for acceptance," "Choosing which program to apply to" and "After you've applied." It includes timetables, resources and references.

Graduate Programs in Developmental Psychology

  • A listing of colleges that offer programs in developmental. A brief description of program features is followed by requirements, financial support, number of students in program, number of students accepted to program, applied options, related programs on campus, and an address to contact the institution.

The 1997-98 Guide for Selecting and Applying to Master of Social Work Programs

  • The guide gives the reader a sense of the variety of social work programs available, their possible strengths and weaknesses, and the sorts of factors to explore. This book is not intended to provide information on specific schools, but to help the applicant understand and evaluate information from the various schools. It also provides sources of information on licensing and certification of social workers.

1998 Graduate Study in Psychology

  • Listings of all APA accredited programs in the United States. Offers information pertinent to obtaining admission, in addition to a brief synopsis of each institution.

Graduate Training Programs in Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Related Fields

  • Contains sections on both master's and doctoral programs in industrial/organizational psychology. Has a cross-listing of programs that are related to the field such as business schools with some emphasis on industrial/organizational psychology. Each program is fully described and includes the ratio of faculty to student, admission deadlines, what tests are required to apply, and financial aid information.

Insider's Guide to Graduate Programs in Clinical & Counseling Psychology

  • Preparation, choosing a school and how to apply are covered in this book. The appendices lists specialty clinics, potential interview questions for applicants, what to emphasize on a vitae, and reports on individual programs.

The Psychology Student Writer's Manual

1996 GRE booklets

  • PLUS:
  • Fliers from graduate schools Alumni Survey Recent job openings Society for Neuroscience, Membership Directory for 1998.