Faculty Office Hours Spring 2014

Faculty Office Hours

Faculty will also meet with students by appointment if the office hours are not convenient.  Please contact the faculty by email or phone to arrange an appointment.

Andrew Dole, 208 Chapin Hall
 ext. 5001

Robert Doran, 206 Chapin Hall
Thursday, 1:30-3, ext. 2338

Maria Heim, 207 Chapin Hall
Monday and Friday, 2:15-3:15, ext. 8475

Tariq Jaffer, 209 Chapin Hall
Thursday, 2:30-4 and by appointment, ext. 2921

Susan Niditch, 114 Chapin Hall
Wednesday, 3-4 and by appointment, ext. 2270

David Wills, 112 Chapin Hall
Monday, 3-4 and by appointment, ext. 2470

Rene Reyes, 108 Chapin Hall


Chapin Hall