Welcome to the Religion Department

ChapinClassReederHeim.jpg Unless noted otherwise in its catalog description, any Religion course is open to students regardless of test scores or graduating class.  The Religion department does not administer a placement examination or otherwise determine what a student’s first course in Religion should be.  Normally, courses in Religion do not have prerequisites and are open to first-year students.  Few of our courses have enrollment caps.

We recommend that students interested in the academic study of religion take RELI 111, Introduction to Religion, early in their college career (note that this course is offered in the Fall only, and is required for the Religion major).  But it is not a matter of department policy that this course be a student’s first course in Religion.

We also recommend that students who major in Religion and who plan to write an Honors thesis take RELI 210, What is Religion? Theories and Methods in Religious Studies (offered in the Spring only, and also required for the Religion major) prior to their Senior year.  RELI 210 is also open to first-year students.

For detailed information on Religion Department course requirements, please visit this web page: Religion Department Major Requirements.

Courses Offered Fall 2018

  • Religion 111:  Professors Robert Doran & Susan Niditch, Introduction to Religion
  • Religion 130:  Professor Jason Jeffries, Introduction to African American Religions
  • Religion 133:  Professor Michael Amoruso, Religion in the U.S.
  • Religion 166 Professor Susan Niditch, Beginning the Bible
  • Religion 173:  Professor Michael Amoruso, Global Christianity
  • Religion 187:  Professor Tariq Jaffer, Discovering Islam
  • Religion 215:  Professor Andrew Dole, Scientific Perspective
  • Religion 287:  Professor Tariq Jaffer, Islamic Intellectual Tradition
  • Religion 318:  Professor Andrew Dole, The Problem of Evil