The Moseley Prize 2015

A substantial first and second prize will be awarded for essays by seniors dealing in a scholarly manner with religion. The approach may be historical, literary, philosophical or scientific, but the focus of the essay should be on religious subject matter or on patterns of religious thought, sensibility, and conduct. Though the prizes are most often awarded to honors theses, relevant term papers and substantial essays written specifically for this competition will also be considered.  Please submit two copies of your entry no later than Monday noon, April 20, 2015 to the Religion Department Office.

Interested students are invited to consult Professor Andrew Dole, Chairman of the Moseley Committee, for further information regarding the terms of this competition.

The recipient(s) of the Moseley Prize for the year 2015 will be announced at Senior Assembly, Wednesday, May 6, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. in Johnson Chapel, Amherst College.


Colby D. Jantzen '14

“Rescue on the Vivarais-Lignon Plateau:  Understanding the Impact of Protestantism”

Liya Rechtman '14

“Politics and Promises:  The Complicated Relationship between Evangelicals and Zionism”


Bridget F. Bennett '14

"To the Water With It Then:  A Novella"

Noel L. McCann '14

"The Rise of Buddhist Terror:  An Investigation of the Development and Impact of
Extremist Buddhist Nationalist Movements in Sri Lanka and Myanmar"


Chapin Hall