The Moseley Prize

The Moseley Prizes, which were established by Thomas Moseley of Hyde Park in 1872, are awarded annually. Prizes will be awarded for substantial essays, term papers, or honors theses that take a scholarly approach to the study of religion. The approach may be historical, literary, philosophical or scientific, but the focus of the submission must be on a subject matter that falls within the purview of the field of Religious Studies (or a pattern of religious thought, sensibility, or conduct). Although the prizes are most often awarded to honors theses, relevant term papers and substantial essays written specifically for this competition will also be considered. 

Interested students are invited to consult Professor Tariq Jaffer, Chair of the Moseley Committee and Religion Department, for further information regarding this competition. Please submit one copy of your entry no later than noon on Monday, April 13, 2020 to the Religion Department Office in 108B Chapin Hall.  

The recipient(s) of the Moseley Prize for the year 2020 will be announced at Senior Assembly in Johnson Chapel, Amherst College.

Winners of the Moseley Prize 2019

First Prize

Tatyana Castillo ~ "Our Lady of Resistencia: La Virgen de Guadalupe as a Symbol of Resistance"
Daniel Ference ~ "A Modern Exodus: the History and Current Trajectory of the Beta Israel"
Jonathan Highland ~ Redefining Apostasy: The Spectrum of Takfiri Movements in the 20th Century"

Second Prize

Michael McCall ~ "Redefining Apostasy: The Spectrum of Takfiri Movements in the 20 th Century"