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Florence’s Fashion History Column: Griboedov Edition

By: ACRC Intern Florence Doyle, ’26

The inaugural post in a new series about fashion history and Russian literature, starting with Alexander Griboedov’s 1823 comedy Woe from Wit.

Children’s Literature as an Escape for Readers and Writers

By: ACRC Intern Maya Rabin, ’26

ACRC Intern Maya Rabin's, ’26 journey into Russian children's books started long before she arrived at Amherst College, during her childhood in Boston.

Piecing Together the Roerich Collection (Literally)

By: ACRC Intern Florence Doyle, ’26

Spanning from roughly 1922 to 1957, the Roerich Collection includes approximately twelve disassembled scrapbooks and a lot of loose newspaper clippings, all with some sort of relation to the Roerich Museum and its various associated organizations.

Opening up a world of hidden stories: The Irene Graham Papers

By: ACRC Intern Anya Zak, ’25

ACRC Intern Anya Zak, ’25 tells the story of Irene Graham, whom she learned about through the letters, photos, documents, and writings that were left and preserved after her death.

Who thunk it? “What We Can Expect of the Russians”

By: ACRC Intern Lukas Luby-Prikot, ’26

Thomas P. Whitney’s 1955 New York Times Magazine article, “What We Can Expect of the Russians,” outlines a forecast for Soviet foreign policy in anticipation of the Geneva summit between the “Big Four.”

Navigating Distance: Children’s Literature in the Anti-Racism Library

By: ACRC Intern Bebe Leistyna, ’24

ACRC Intern Bebe Leistyna shared her thoughs on Daleko – Nigeriia [Faraway Nigeria], by Irina Tokmakova, a beautifully illustrated children’s book inspired by the author and illustrator’s travels in Nigeria.

Roerich Art: A Profound Journey of Feelings and Perspectives

By: ACRC Intern Albina Jambulatova (Muratovna), ’26

Well-known Russian painter, author, and philosopher Nicholas Roerich's works transcend time and space and capture individuals with a thrilling journey of feelings and viewpoints.

Notes on the Anti-Racism Library

By: ACRC Intern Bebe Leistyna ’24

ACRC Intern Bebe Leistyna ’24 introduces readers to the Anti-Racism Library, a collection of books and archival documents that the ACRC is building.

Russia In My Life

By: ACRC Intern Lukas Luby-Prikot ’26

ACRC Intern Lukas Luby-Prikot ‘26 pieces through Thomas P. Whitney’s never-before processed personal papers at the height of a Russian war in Ukraine.

The Mystical World of Nicholas Roerich

By: ACRC Intern Albina Muratovna (Jambulatova) ’26

Albina Muratovna’s ’26 fascinating journey into the engaging world of Nicholas Roerich, a painter whose ethereal canvases have had a lasting impression on the field of art. ​​

The Hughes and Raevsky-Hughes Collection

By: ACRC Intern Albina Muratovna (Jambulatova) ’26

Albina Jambulatova '26, details some of the amazing items she found while processing the Hughes and Raevsky-Hughes Collection.