The Katia Anzi-Stoliarova Collection of the Russian Social-Democratic Party and the Central Union of the Jewish Workingmen in Lithuania, Poland and Russia (Bund) Records documents the work of the Central Committee of the Russian Social-Democratic Party and the leading organs of the Jewish Bund.

Katia Anzi-Stoliarova's step-father, Konstantin Shilovsky, a well-known Russian physicist and inventor, was never a revolutionary, however, he sympathized with the Mensheviks and corresponded with many Menshevik leaders. He emigrated to France in 1922 and worked with French scholars J. Langevin and F. Perrin. Katia Anti-Stoliarova inherited this important collection of political documents after K. Shilovsky's death.

The collection covers the era of the most extensive disputes within the Russian Social-Democratic movement during the first decades of the 20th century, which resulted in the eventual split of the Bolshevik faction.

This collection includes materials which belonged to several prominent figures in the Russian Social-Democratic movement including F. Dan, M. Gorky, L. Martov, and G. Plekhanov among others.

The 0.5 linear feet of material includes: administrative records of the Russian Social-Democratic Party and Jewish Bund, clippings, correspondence and writings, and covers the period from 1903 to 1954.