The Grigorenko Family Archive (1945-1990s) contains the documents of Petro Grigorenko, his second wife and son.

    Zinaida Mikhailovna Grigorenko (1909-1994; surname from first marriage Egorova), from a persecuted family, was educated as an economist. Her older brother and sister, first husband and many of her relatives perished in the gulag. She herself spent two years incarcerated. She had an ailing son from her first marriage, Oleg. She married Petro Grigorenko in 1945. After her husband’s confinement in the Cherniakhovsky Psychiatric Hospital in 1968, she undertook all possible efforts for her husband’s release, corresponding with all of the highest Soviet channels. She also became an active participant in the human rights movement.

    Andrei Petrovich Grigorenko (1945-  --), an electrical engineer and computer programmer, was an active participant in the dissident movement and a samizdat author. He emigrated to the United States in 1975 and is chairman of the Petro Grigorenko Fund.

    The Grigorenko Family Archive includes published and unpublished documents: family and business correspondence; original type-written manuscripts, manuscript copies and signatures; an extensive body of documents relating to the Grigorenkos’ human rights activity and to their activism in the dissident movement of the 1960’s and 70’s; Moscow samizdat materials, and biographical materials: personal documents and photographs, a collection of newspaper clippings, and audio and video material about P. Grigorenko.


Series I: Correspondence: Family correspondence, 1945-1990s

Series II: Personal Correspondence, 1970-1990s

Subseries I: Personal Correspondence, outgoing

Subseries II: Personal Correspondence, incoming

Series III: Works by Petro, Zinaida and Andrew Grigorenko

Series IV: Materials of the Grigorenko family: Human Rights Activity, Dissident movement, and Samizdat (1961–1990s)           

Subseries I: The Grigorenkos’ Human Rights Activity Materials

            Subseries II: Dissident movement materials (1961–1990s)

            Subseries III: Samizdat materials (1970–1980s)

Series V: Personal materials (1940–1990s)

            Subseries I: Biographical documents and papers

Subseries II: Photographs

Subseries III: Newspaper and journal clippings about the Grigorenkos

Subseries IV: Audio and video material about the Grigorenkos