The collection is organized into 3 series: I. Halperine-Kaminsky Personal Correspondence, 1881-1936 I. Halperine-Kaminsky Professional Correspondence, 1887-1913 Papers of Contemporaries, 1894-1961

Series 1, I. HALPERINE-KAMINSKY PERSONAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1881-1936, 0.3 linear feet, contains incoming and outgoing correspondence. The series is arranged alphabetically by correspondent and each folder is arranged in chronological order.

Series 2, I. HALPERINE-KAMINSKY PROFESSIONAL CORRESPONDENCE, 1887-1913, 0.2. linear feet, consists of business letters from several publishing houses and journals. The series is arranged alphabetically by the title of the journal or the name of the company and each folder is organized in chronological order.

Series 3, PAPERS OF CONTEMPORARIES, 1894-1961, 1,5 linear feet, is the largest series of the collection. The series is further divided into three subseries: Correspondence of Contemporaries, Writings of Contemporaries, Personal Documents of Contemporaries.

Subseries 1, Correspondence of Contemporaries, 0.5 linear feet, contains several folders with unidentified correspondence, an anonymous letter regarding Socialist Party agent provocateur, calling cards and correspondence of several Russian emigres belonging to the Halperine-Kaminsky circle. The subseries is arranged alphabetically by correspondent and is organized in chronological order.

Subseries 2, Writings of Contemporaries, 0.8 linear feet, was artificially created to pull together the creative works found among the Halperine-Kaminsky correspondence. This subseries is organized alphabetically by author with several unidentified writings at the beginning of the subseries.

Subseries 3, Personal Documents of Contemporaries, 0.2. linear feet, contains several documents found among the Correspondence subseries. This subseries is arranged alphabetically by person and then in chronological order.