Vladimir Lebedev Collection

	The Vladimir Lebedev Collection consists of one box of documents,
manuscripts and photographs documenting Lebedev's life in France and
U.S.A. between 1914 and 1956. The collection was purchased in 1994 from
Vladimir Lebedev's daughter Irina Coll.

Vladimir Lebedev (1883-1956) was a prominent figure in the Russian
Provisional Government and one of the leaders of the Party of
Socialists-Revolutionary in Russia.

He participated in the Russian-Japanese War (1904), joined the
Russian revolutionary movement, was obliged to escape abroad (1908) and in
the beginning of World War I lived in exile in Paris. Like many other
Russian political immigrants in France he entered the French Army as a
private soldier, was wounded several times, decorated with the Croix de
Guerre and promoted to the rank of officer.

After the March Revolution in Russia he went back to his homeland
and was offered a post of Secretary of the Navy at the Provisional
Government. Shortly after October Revolution he started his longlife
struggle against Bolsheviks and was forced to emigrate from Russia for the
second time.

During his second émigré period he lived in Prague, Sofia,
Belgrade, Paris, and New York and was an editor of various émigré

The materials presented in this collection reflect Vladimir
Lebedev's political and editorial activities during his life in exile.
There are 14 folders of correspondece, documents, manuscripts and
photographs belonged to him and his closed associates.

The collection is arranged alphabetically and then in
chronological order within each folder. Unidentified letter was put at
the end of the collection.

RELATED MATERIAL: The Amherst College Center for Russian Culture
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Sources include: A. Remizov and S. Remizova-Dovgello Papers. Contact the
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