1877                24 June/6 July               Alexei Remizov born in Moscow


1894                                                    graduated from secondary school and

                                                            entered Moscow University


1896                18 November               arrested at a student         demonstration and permanently expelled from the University


1897                                                    exiled to Penza


1898                                                    arrested and imprisoned in Penza for political work among railroad workers


1900                                                    exiled to Ust'-Sysol'sk


1901                                                    arranged for a transfer to Vologda where he met Berdiaev, Savinkov, Lunacharskii, and his future wife, Serafima Dovgello


1902                                                    first publication in the Moscow newspaper Kurier


1903                June                             end of exile; marriage


1904                                                    daughter Natasha born


1905                                                    worked at the editorial offices of Voprosy Zhizni, met leading Symbolist writers and artists (Aleksandr Blok, Andrei Bely, Vasilii Rozanov, Konstantin Somov and others)


1907                                                    publication of Posolon' (Sunwise)


1908                                                    Prud (The Pond) and Chasy (The Clock) published


1910-1912                                           publication of Complete Works in eight volumes


1918-1921                                           worked at the Theatrical Section of the Commissariat of Education


1919                February                      arrested in Petrograd and briefly detained together with A. Blok, R. Ivanov-Razumnik and other writers


1921                August                          left Russia for the West with his wife Serafima Remizova-Dovgello


1922-1923                                           lived in Berlin, contributed to different emigre periodicals


1923                November                    left Berlin for Paris


1927                                                    publication of Vzvikhrennaia Rus (Russia in a Whirlwind) and Olia


1929                                                    Po Karnizam and Tri serpa, I


1930                                                    Tri serpa, II, Posolon' (3rd edition)


1931                                                    Obraz Nikolaja Chudotvortsa


1932                                                    Zvezda nadzvezdnaia


1941-1944                                           remained in Paris during World War II and the occupation, took care of his ailing wife


                        13 May 1943               Serafima Remizova-Dovgello died in Paris


                         30 October 1943        daughter Natasha died in Kiev


1949                                                    Pliashuschii demon published


1950-1957                                           publications by Opleshnik, a private publishing enterprise organized and managed by his friends with the purpose of publishing the works of Remizov


1951                                                    Podstrizhennymi glazami (With Clipped Eyes) published


1952                                                    V rozovom bleske published


1957                                                    celebration of his 80th birthday


                        26 November               died in Paris