The Roerich Collection consists of:

(1) The diaries of Elena Roerich, wife of Nicholas; these are processed, listed, and stored in the vault.  They may be used like any other unrestricted manuscripts collection.

(2) A wide variety of materials relating to the Roerich Museum (also known as or including, at various times, the Riverside Museum and the Master Institute) in New York.  These are only partially processed and organized, and include:

  • Clippings and other publications related to the activities of the museum (including exhibition catalogues, mostly of only a few pages). These were originally in scrapbooks, now disbound and largely xeroxed.  Much of the material is chronologically arranged in folders, but a good bit remains to be sorted and/or copied. 
  • Financial and legal documents relating to Louis Horch's dealing with Roerich, and to the operation of the museum.  Many of these are bound (ledgers and the like); some are in folders with the sketchy ms. listing. 
  • Miscellaneous and isolated items having some relationship to either Roerich, the Horchs, or the museum, but not part of any coherent unit.  These are unsorted, though some items are in folders along with the financial and legal documents and need to be separated from them.  (These are a number of books and other items relating to Henry Wallace among these.)