The Roerich Collection, so called because of the central figure in it is Nicholas Roerich, encompasses several groups of material.  It has come to Amherst through a local resident, Oriole Feshbach (either directly or as a gift of her late mother, Nettie Horch), whose father was the principal financial backer of Roerich's collecting activities.  More about Roerich can be learned from RObert C. Williams, Russian Art and American Money 1900-1940 (Cambridge: Harvard U.P., 1980), a copy of which is in our Special COllections (N6981.W54 1980).

There is a Roerich Museum in New York (319 West 107th St., 10025; 212-864-7752; Daniel Entin, director); there is also a Roerich Society in London (91 Fitzjohn's Ave., NW3 6NX; Kenneth Archer, secretary).

The collection is not restricted and is available for use, but other material other than Elena Roerich's diaries may be used only after discussion with the Director, since it is not fully processed or listed.