The collection is organized into 8 series:

Anna Akhmatova Writings, 1914-[1950] Klara Arsenieva Memoirs of Alexander Blok, [?]. Nikolai Gumilev Poem, 1914 Nadezhda Pavlovich Memoirs of Alexander Blok, [?]. Alexei Remizov Correspondence, 1927-1955 Elena Tager Correspondence, 1963-1964 Marina Tsvetaeva Correspondence, 1912-1917 Maximilian Voloshin Correspondence, 1911-1912
Series 1, ANNA AKHMATOVA WRITINGS, 1914-[1950], 0.08 linear feet, contains a copy of a poem dedicated to ballerina T. Karsavina, drafts of Akhmatova's translations of several poems from English into Russian, and a petition to the Director of the Publishing House "Politizdat" with a fragment of her translation on the verso. This series is arranged in chronological order.
Series 2, KLARA ARSENIEVA MEMOIRS OF ALEXANDER BLOK, n.d., 0.08 linear feet, contains the author's reminiscence of Alexander Blok.
Series 3, NIKOLAI GUMILEV POEM, 1914 Mar 16, 0.08 linear feet, contains an original poem by N. Gumilev dedicated to ballerina T. Karsavina. First published in the almanac Bouquet (1914 Mar 26). At that time poets, members of the artistic Bohemian club "The Wandering Dog", were writing madrigals to T. Karsavina and sending them to the publisher the same night. The poem was reprinted in 1986 by the YMCA-PRESS in Paris. This reprint modernised the spelling and standardised the punctuation. In 1986 the location of the original was unknown to the compilers. Akhmatova's poem dedicated to T. Karsavina, written during the same night and transcribed by N. Gumilev, is on the verso.
Series 4, NADEZHDA PAVLOVICH MEMOIRS OF ALEXANDER BLOK, n.d., 0.08 linear feet, consists of the author's reminiscence of Blok beginning with her first meeting with him in 1914.
Series 5, ALEXEI REMIZOV CORRESPONDENCE, 1927-1955, 0.08 linear feet, includes 3 autograph signed letters from A. Remizov to L'udmila Savinkova (widow of revolutionary and writer B. Savinkov, executed by the Bolsheviks in 1925) and 1 letter to the writer Bronislav Sosinsky. This series is arranged in chronological order.
Series 6, ELENA TAGER CORRESPONDENCE, 1963-1964, 0.08 linear feet, contains one letter and one postcard to Anna Saakiants and is arranged chronologically.
Series 7, MARINA TSVETAEVA CORRESPONDENCE, 1912-1917, 0.08 linear feet, consists of one note to N. Gronskii, one note to Vera Efron (S. Efron's sister), one postcard to Elizaveta Efron (S. Efron's sister), one letter to E. Efron and one empty envelope addressed to S. Efron. This series is arranged in chronological order.
Series 8, MAXIMILIAN VOLOSHIN CORRESPONDENCE, 1911-1912, 0.08 linear feet, consists of two postcards to Elizaveta Efron.