Sergei Boldyrev Liturgical Music Collection and Faina Terentieva Secular Vocal Music Collection

	This collection consists almost wholly of sheet music for vocal
compositions with Russian (or Church Slavonic) text. Several folders
contain music with English text translated from Russian and still others
contain music with Russian text translated from other languages.
The collection is divided into two sections, the Liturgical Music
of Sergei Boldyrev and the Secular Vocal Music of Faina Terentieva
(Boldyreva). The collection of Sergei Boldyrev, contained in boxes 1-3,
consists of sheet music for services of the Russian Eastern Orthodox
Church. The collection includes original compositions on liturgical texts
as well as harmonizations of old chant melodies. The music is for
unaccompanied church choir (mixed and single-sex) and most often is
arranged in four-voice harmony (piano accompaniment for rehearsal purposes
appears occasionally). In some cases, there are separate parts for
individual voices (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).
Because many settings of a single hymn text can occur in such a
collection, individual sheet music is filed by the composer or arranger.
The music represents the work of various Russian and Russian/American
composers from the 18th to the 20th century. The collection contains
pieces by well-known church composers like Bortniansky, Grechaninov,
Kastal'sky, Chesnokov, Kedrov, L'vov, L'vovsky, Turchaninov and
Archangel'sky as well as lesser known authors. In addition, Boldyrev's
collection includes the music of primarily secular composers who
experimented in the sacred realm, such as Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky and
Rachmaninov. Included here are arrangements of liturgical music by Serge
Jaroff (Zharov), founder and director of the Don Cossack Choir of which
Sergei Boldyrev was a former member. The collection also includes a
number of arrangements by Boldyrev himself. Much of this material was
used in Sergei Boldyrev's church ensemble in Toronto and therefore the
bulk of individual pieces appears in its most practical form: xerox and
mimeograph copies of printed and handwritten sheet music. Some original
arrangements and transcriptions of arrangements by other composers appear
in handwritten form. Amongst these materials, box#1 contains 4 published
part-books of 35 sacred concerti by Bortniansky.
Sheet music which does not indicate the composer or arranger is
filed separately by title. In addition to individual liturgical pieces,
the collection includes compilations of liturgical music. These include
published collections as well as stacks of individual pieces combined to
form a specific service. The most interesting compilations are part-books
pieced together and bound by parish choir conductors for every-day use.
The assortment of composers and styles combined in these part-books
reveals the musical taste and liturgical ideals of the choir director.
While the majority of the Sergei Boldyrev Collection consists of
music with texts in Chuch Slavonic, Box#3 contains sheet music with
English text. This box also contains liturgical music of the Serbian
Eastern Orthodox Church with text in Serbian transliteration of Church
The second part of this collection contains the sheet music of
singer Faina Terentieva. The vocal pieces that appear in this section of
the archive are secular, consisting of Russian folk song arrangements,
romances and operatic arias. The majority of the sheet music is arranged
for solo voice with accompaniment on piano but choral arrangements with
and without arrangement are also present here.
A great multitude of composers and arrangers are represented in
this collection. Individual pieces have been filed by the title or the
first few words of the song's text (it should be noted that, among many
others, arrangements by Sergei Boldyrev and his former director, Serge
Jaroff, appear here). Material has also been taken into consideration in
filing individual pieces, sheet music is separated into that which is
published, that which is handwritten, and that which appears in xerox or
some other copied form.
In addition to individual works, the Faina Terentieva archive also
contains printed compilations of Russian secular vocal music. These are
filed separately by the title of the compilation. Several collections of
Ukrainian vocal music are included in this portion of the archive as well.
Aside from Russian vocal music in Russian, which constitutes the
bulk of this section, the Faina Terentieva collection contains folders of
material with English text translated from the Russian. Vocal works by
non-Russian composers with texts translated into Russian are filed
separately as well. The collection possesses a few miscellaneous items,
including a signed concert program of the Don Cossack Choir (Jaroff), a
Don Cossack Choir promotional booklet, and music printed on unusual