Sergei Boldyrev Liturgical Music Collection and Faina Terentieva Secular Vocal Music Collection

Sergei Boldyrev Liturgical Music Collection

Box#1: Liturgical compositions and chant
harmonizations by known composers. Includes mimeographs, xerox copies,
some handwritten material and several published part books. Filed
alphabetically by composer or arranger.

Box#2: •Harmonizations/arrangements with
initials of unknown composers.
•Liturgical compositions (Hymns of the Ordinary and Propers) by
unknown composers.
Various chant harmonizations and arrangements of hymns (chant
basis indicated) as well as harmonizations for irmosy, tropari, prokimny,
ektenii, etc...(chant basis not always indicated) by unknown composers.
Contains mostly copies, but thirteen handwritten sheets are included.
Filed alphabetically by title.
Liturgical music compiled for special services (Mimeograph copies
fastened together).
•Collections of liturgical music. Includes published
compilations, xeroxes of compilations, and works compiled in homemade
part-books by church choir directors.
•Miscellaneous liturgical material in Russian.

Box#3: •Liturgical compositions and chant
harmonizations in English by known composers. All material appears in
either printed, mimeograph, or xerox form. Filed alphabetically by
•Collections of liturgical music in English.
•Collections ofSerbian Orthodox liturgical music.

Faina Terentieva Secular Vocal Music Collection

Box#4: •Collections of secular Russian vocal
music (folk songs, romances, operatic arias). Unless otherwise specified,
all items are printed and bound.
•Collections of Ukrainian secular vocal music.
•Collections of secular vocal works in Russian by a single
arranger or composer. Filed
alphabetically by composer.

Box#5: •Individual secular vocal pieces
(romances, folk song arrangements), professionally published and printed.
Filed alphabetically by title. Unless otherwise noted, all music is for
single voice with piano accompaniment.
•Music from operas by Russian composers. Music for voice and piano
reduction of orchestra. All items are published and professionally
printed. Filed alphabetically by the title of the opera.
•Individual handwritten parts for voice, voice with piano
accompaniment, and choral
singing. Folders contain romances, folk song arrangements, and
music from operas by Russian composers. Arrangements by various
composers, though much of the material is credited to S. Boldyrev, S.
Zharov, or K. Shvedov (arrangements by the two latter composers appear to
be transcriptions by other musicians rather than original manuscripts).
Filed alphabetically by title of song (if no title is indicated, the piece
is filed by the first several words of the song). Where possible, the
composer and/or arranger is indicated.

Box#6: •The following folders contain copies of
printed and handwritten secular vocal sheet music. The copies are
primarily in xerox form, but some carbon paper or mimeograph appear as
well. The music consists of folk song arrangements (for either choir or
solo voice with accompaniment), romances, and arias from Russian operas.
A multitude of composers and arrangers are represented here in this
collection. These individual pieces have been filed alphabetically by

Box#7:•Vocal music by non-Russian composers,
translated into Russian. Folders contain professionally published and
printed sheet music. Entries are filed here alphabetically by composer
(using the order of the Roman alphabet).
•Miscellaneous materials, including concert programs, a music
notebook, and sheet music printed in some special medium.
•Collections of Russian secular vocal music in English.
•Individual pieces of Russian secular vocal music in English.