Sergei Boldyrev Liturgical Music Collection and Faina Terentieva Secular Vocal Music Collection

Liturgical Music in English and Serbian Box#3

(61-62) Liturgical compositions and chant harmonizations by known
composers. All material appears in either printed,
mimeograph, or xerox form. Filed alphabetically by
(Note: Adaptions into English by A. Ruggieri,
Sutko, Peterson, T. Heckman, D. Drillock, A.
Cvercko, D. Trigg).

61 Allemanov, Arkhangel'sky, Bortnyansky, P. Chesnokov, A.
Cvercko, Grechaninov, T. Heckman, Kastal'sky, Ledkovsky.

62 L'vov/Bakhmetev, Rachmaninov, Rimsky-Korsakov, A.
Ruggieri, Samsonenko, Tschaikovsky.

63 Liturgical compositions and chant harmonizations by
unknown composers. All material either in mimeograph or
xerox form. Filed alphabetically by title (contains music
for an entire Panakhida service, the packet is stamped by
Christ the Saviour Cathedral, Toronto).

(64-67) Collections of liturgical music in English.

64 Sheet music for the Nativity of Our Lord printed by the
Department of Liturgical Music, Orthodox Church of America
(OCA). "...The texts are taken from The Services for
Christmas, published in 1981 by the OCA Dept. of
Liturgical Music... For most hymns, two musical versions
have been provided: one in the so-called ‘Common Chant' or
Obikhod... and another version, taken from traditional
Kievan and Znamenny chants (harmonizations of the latter
melodies by L'vov/Bakhmetev, Yaichkov, Ledkovsky,
Balakirev/Rimsky-Korsakov, and others).

65 Russian Orthodox Church Music in English, Part I: Divine
Liturgy, Wedding, Funeral (for mixed choir), adapted by A.
Fissot and offered to St. Basil's Russian Orthodox Church
in Watervliet, NY for publishing on its 75th anniversary,
1976. (171 pp., bound).
Contains compositions and harmonizations for the
Divine Liturgy, Wedding, and Funeral services.
Compositions and harmonizations of chant melody by
various composers (including A. Fissot).

66 Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Orthodox Church, adapted by
Reverend father Igor Soroka, Vladimir Soroka, Line
Drawings by Rev Heirmonk Roman (Serdynski), 1964. (44
pp., bound).
"A complete collection of the hymns of the Divine
Liturgy, Resurrection Troparia, Prokeimenons,
Pre-Communion and Dismissal Hymns and selected
music for various Feast and Holy Days (arranged
for two-part singing)."
Note: No specific basis for chant
harmonization indicated. Contains a
foreward by Alexander Schmemann.

67 Divine Liturgy Hymnal, adapted for Orthodox Liturgical
Worship for All the Faithful (Congregation or Choir), text
and music compiled by Igor Soroka, approved for
publication: Theodosius, Archbishop of New York,
Metropolitan of All-America and Canada, 1979.
Contains adaptations of compositions and
chant harmonizations, some composers are
indicated (Rimsky-Korsakov, Bortnyansky,
Kovalevsky, and others...).
Note: Contains a foreward (by Igor Soroka?).

(68-69) Collections of Serbian Orthodox Liturgical Music

68 "Badnyak", Serbian Christmas Music, Izdanje Srpskog
Pevackog Svaeza u Americi, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1974.
(63 pp., bound).
Contains compositions by T. Ostojich, St. St.
Mokranjac, V. Ilic, J. Kindl, Prota Mirko
Pavlovic, N. Baracki, Moka Kotorska-Baosic,
Kornelije Stankovich.
Contains harmonizations/arrangements by Dragie
Zuzuly (Cuculjevich), M.P. Marlovina, Jerej S.
Note: Contains foreward and introduction in
English. Text for Badnjak ceremony in both
English and Serbian (transliterated Slavonic).
All hymn texts in Serbian (transliterated

69 "St. John Chrysostom Liturgy, Marriage Ceremony, Requiem
of the Serbian Eastern Orthodox Church for Mixed choir,"
compiled and copied by D. Cuculjevich, publication of the
Serbian Singing Federation of America, 1954. (64 pp.,
spiral bound).
Contains compositions by St. St. Mokranjac, J
Marinkovich, R. Tollinger,M. Pavlovich, St. St.
Binichki, J. Travanj, P. Kranjcevich, K.
Stankovich. M. Topalovich.
Contains arrangements by Vlad. V. Dobrovolsky,
Cuculjevich, J. Kindl, A. Savine, S. Sokoloff.