"A Complex Simplicity”: A symposium in honor of Dale E. Peterson, Eliza J. Clark Folger Professor of English and Russian, Emeritus, Amherst College

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Amherst Center for Russian Culture

202 Webster Hall

Amherst College


10:00-12:00: Panel 1: Internationalism

Chair & Respondent: Sergey Glebov (Smith College/Amherst College)
- Steven Lee ’01 (University of California, Berkeley), “Up from Bondage in East Asia: Soul as Comparative Frame”

- Katerina Clark (Yale University), "Poetry and Internationalism: Claude McKay, Nazim Hikmet and Vladimir Mayakovsky”

12:00-1:00: Lunch

1:00-3:00: Panel 2: Dostoevsky

Chair & Respondent: Catherine Ciepiela '83 (Amherst College)

- Michael Kunichika (Amherst College), “Dostoevsky’s Aryanism: On Cultural Purity and Hybridity in Nineteenth Century Thought” 

- Eric Naiman ’79 (University of California, Berkeley), “Все это было почти уже грубо—Reading Crime and Punishment’s epilogue hard against the grain.”


3:15-5:15: Panel 3: Race, Russia, and America

Chair & Respondent: Tom Roberts (Smith College)

- Kate Baldwin ’88 (Tulane University), “From Bondage to Homage: Revisiting Dale Peterson’s work on Black Maternity”

- Nancy Ruttenburg (Stanford University), “Kirillov, Meet John Brown. John Brown, Kirillov.”