Eisenstein International Network Conference 2: Method and More

March 2021 

For our second conference, Eisenstein International Network members will present new research on Eisenstein’s Method and related topics. Sessions will be held in 4 successive weeks in March.

Sessions Times:

Sessions will be held on Fridays and Saturdays, at 2 pm NY time (EST); 4pm Rio de Janeiro, 7pm London, 8pm Berlin, 10pm Moscow; 6am Melbourne (+ 1 day). Zoom registrations will help to keep track of the various time zones from which we will be calling in.

The keynote by Maria Stavrinaki on 3/5/21 will be a 2:00 p.m. EST (8:00 Paris).

Please register for each individual session. 

The recordings of the sessions can be accessed here:

(Please note: these recordings include only those who've granted permission to be recorded). 


Friday March 5 (register here)

Keynote Lecture

2:00-4:00 pm EST

Maria Stavrinaki: "Eisenstein and the Utopia of Deep Time"

Maria Stavrinaki teaches art history and theory at the Université Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne. She is working on modernity, at the intersection of art, human sciences and politics and she is particularly interested in the questions of history and time. Her books include Dada Presentism. An Essay on Art and History (Stanford University Press, 2016), Contraindre à la liberté. Carl Einstein, les avant-gardes, l'histoire(Centre allemand de l'histoire de l'art, 2018), Le sujet et le milieu: huit essais sur les avant-gardes allemandes (musée d'art moderne et contemporain, Genève, 2018). Her last book, Saisis par la préhistoire. Enquête sur l'art et le temps des modernes (2019) sera traduit en anglais par Zone Books en 2022 (Trasfixed by Prehistory. An Inqiry on the Art and Time of Modernity). On this same subject, she has codirected, with Stefanos Geroulanos, the special issue "Writing Prehistory" of the journal RES. Anthropology and Aesthetics (Spring 2019).  She has co-curated the exhibition Préhistoire. Une énigme moderne (Centre Pompidou, 2019) and is currently preparing an exhibition of the "Atomic Age" (Musée d'art moderne de Paris, 2023). Maria Stavrinaki has been member of the Institute for Advanced Study (Princeton), Clark Art Institute, the Italian Academy (Columbia University) and other institutions. 

Respondent: Antonio Somaini


Saturday March 6 (register here)

14:00-16:00 NY time (EST)

Session 1


Elective Affinities I

Chair: Karla Oeler

Oksana Bulgakowa, Space/Time: Eisenstein/Benjamin

Ilaria Aletto, “How do you talk ‘within yourself’”: Sergei Eisenstein on the inner monologue of Ulysses

Elective Affinities II 

Chair: Joan Neuberger

Karla Oeler, Method and Heretical Empiricism

Helen Grace, Eisenstein’s Chinese thinking


Friday, March 12 (register here)

14:00-17:00 (EST)

Session 2


Unity and its Opposites

Chair: Evgenii Bershtein

Dustin Condren, The Author Inside His Theme: Eisenstein and the formation of an intangible oeuvre

Felix Lenz, Hegel and Eisenstein: Affinity and Metamorphosis


Translating Eisenstein

Chair: Dustin Condren

Evgenii Bershtein, Poetics of Sexuality in Eisenstein’s “Method”

Alessia Cervini and Marie Rebecchi, Il Metodo. A Dialogue on the New Italian Edition


Session 3

Saturday, March 20 (register here)

14:00-17:00 (EST)


Interior/Exterior I 

Chair: Nariman Skakov

Ana Hedberg Olenina, “Cognition is Construction”:  Eisenstein’s Narrative and Spectators’ Extended   Cognition

Luis Felipe Labaki, "In Praise of the Cine-Chronicle" and documentary film practices 


Interior/Exterior II

Chair: Ana Olenina

Ada Ackerman, Artavazd Pelechian and Eisenstein

Yuri Tsivian, Eiertanz and Blumenwunder”: Intellectual Attractions in the Making

Danila Kuznetsov, Maternal Womb and 2001: A Space Odyssey 


Primitive and Ornament

Chair: Yuri Tsivian

Nariman Skakov, Ornament as a National Form

 Julia Vassilieva, Method: the one and many paradigms


Session 4 (register here)

Friday, March 26 

14:00-17:00 NY time (EST)

Stage & Staging

Chair: Michael Wedel

Vanessa Teixeira de Oliveira, Eisenstein’s Steps – a Hypothesis

Beatrice Picon-Vallin, Meyerhold and Eisenstein, Theatrical Encyclopedia and Method



Chair: Eri Barros

Anne Nesbet, Palaces of Memory and Forgetting: Eisenstein, Piranesi, and We

Michael Wedel, Looking for Diego: Velázquez in Eisenstein

Form in Music & Literature

Chair: Anne Nesbet

Luiz Felipe Soares, A Latin counterpoint/weaving method

Erivoneide Barros, Образности, method of the literary image


Session Five (register here)

Tuesday, March 30

14:00-16:00 NY time (EST)


Robert Bird, In Memoriam


Ian Christie and Julia Vassilieva, Book Presentation The Eisenstein Universe (2021)

Ioulia Podoroga, Brook Presentation, Valery Podoroga's Второй экран. Сергей Эйзенштейн и кинематограф насилия. / Т. 1. Зеркальная подпорка. Материалы к психобиографии. Москва: BREUS, 2017. / T. 2. Прототело. Фрагменты визуальной антропологии. Москва: BREUS, 2020.


Joan Neuberger, Word by Word: A Digital Analysis of Method”.

Concluding Discussion on Method, with Naum Kleiman, moderated by Antonio Somaini


EIN2 is sponsored by the Eisenstein International Network with the support of the Amherst Center for Russian Culture.  The language of the symposium will be English.

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