April 21, 2023: A reading and conversation with Konstantin Shavlovsky, the inaugural event of the poetry series “OUTSIDE: Russian Poets Abroad Speak.” This occasional series, hosted by Polina Barskova, gives a platform to poets who have chosen to leave Russia, poets of different generations, destinations, and orientations. The poets will read in Russian, and available English translations will be shown on screen simultaneously.

The series is organized by Polina Barskova (UC Berkeley) and Catherine Ciepiela (Amherst College) under the aegis of the Amherst Center for Russian Culture.

Konstantin Shavlovsky is a well-known figure in contemporary culture and author of several books of poetry. He is a distinguished film scholar who for many years edited Russia’s premier film journal, Séance, and who has written and produced prize-winning documentary films. In St. Petersburg, he was the co-founder of “Word Order,” a bookstore and center of intellectual culture. He is now based in Tbilisi, from where he will join us.