Information for Visiting Scholars

All scholars planning to visit the Amherst Center for Russian Culture or requesting access to books or manuscripts should contact the director, Professor Catherine Ciepiela. To help us find the material you would like to look at, please use the full listing of collections and the listing of cataloged collections online and fill in the collection, boxes and folders you would like to see on the registration form, and then send us the registration form by mail, email, or fax. The registration form must be accompanied by a cover letter to Professor Catherine Ciepiela, the Center's director. All collections must be used in the reading room of the Center.

We regret that materials at the Center for Russian Culture do not circulate.  When possible, we are happy to provide scans or photocopies of manuscripts and printed matter; please inquire what the rates are for such work. In most cases, researchers who work at the Center may photograph documents in the collection; there is a camera fee of $10.00.

Researchers, whether visiting or inquiring by email or phone, are asked to give as much information as possible about the location of the material requested. Providing the title, author, call number, and any other information makes the process of finding the material much more efficient.

Registration form (pdf)

Request for duplications (pdf). We can make up to fifty copies of archive pages per person per year. A fee is assessed to cover photocopying and postage. A cover letter addressed to the Director should be appended to all requests for duplications.

Please Note:  The Center can neither accommodate nor make reservations for scholars who plan to stay the night.  Visitors who need accommodation are advised to contact the following local establishments, which are in easy walking distance to the Center.  1) University Lodge (phone: 413 256-8111; web:    2) Amherst Inn (reservations only by phone: 413-253-5000).

Maps of and directions to Amherst College. Includes information on lodging and transportation. See also the map of the Town of Amherst.

In addition to its archives, the Amherst Center for Russian Culture houses a large collection of Russian books and periodicals. These collections are searchable in the Five College Library Catalog by using Advanced Search, with Location "AC Center for Russian Culture."

When the Center for Russian Culture is closed, arrangements can often be made to look at our archival material in the Special Collections room of the Amherst College Library.

Telephone: 413-542-8204 (Russian Center Assistant); 413-542-2350 (Russian Department)

FAX: 413-542-2798

Mailing address:
Amherst Center for Russian Culture
Box 2268
Amherst College
Amherst MA 01002-5000