Courses in Russian

Spring 2018

RUSS-102 First-Year Russian II

Tatyana Babyonyshev (Section 01)

RUSS-122 Love and Death: the Big Questions of Russian Literature

Boris Wolfson (Section 01)

RUSS-123 Century of Catastrophe:  Soviet and Contemporary Russia in Literature and Film

Catherine A. Ciepiela (Section 01)

RUSS-130 Russian Empire in Eurasia

Sergey Glebov (Section 01)

RUSS-202 Second-Year Russian II

Catherine A. Ciepiela (Section 01)

RUSS-252 Russia and the Representation of Race

Michael M. Kunichika (Section 01)

RUSS-253 Americans Writing Russia, 100 Years On

Masha Gessen (Section 01)

RUSS-302 Third-Year Russian: Studies in Russian Language and Culture II

Michael M. Kunichika (Section 01)

RUSS-304H Advanced Intermediate Conversation and Composition

Tatyana Babyonyshev (Section 01)

Related Courses

COLQ-248 Secret Lives of the Late-Soviet Stage: the Archive and the Repertoire (Course not offered this semester.)
POSC-301 Terrorism and Revolution: A Case Study of Russia (Course not offered this semester.)