All DVDs in the Russian Film Collection have been acquired by the Department of Russian for the research and teaching needs of its faculty. The collection is therefore generally non-circulating; short-term borrowing privileges are restricted to the department’s faculty.  Films borrowed for screening in the Russian House must be checked out by the Language Assistant and returned within twenty-four hours.  Advanced students in the Department who require use of the collection for their honors-thesis research must receive permission to borrow films from their advisor.  All other requests for using the collection should be directed to the Department Chair.

A searchable listing of the entire collection is available here. 

◊ Locating a Film: Use your browser's search "find" function to search for any sequence of characters in any tab of the spreadsheet.  Titles in the listing are grouped by genre.  

Feature films (including those made for television and miniseries) are listed alphabetically by Russian title (Tab 1) as well in their order they are shelved (Tab 2).  All discs listed in this section in two grey metal cabinets located immediately to the right of the mailboxes in the Department office.  The general order of shelving is chronological (beginning with the topmost drawer).  The collection does include a number of compilations (most notably the discs in the «Мастера экрана» series), so please make sure to check the appropriate column before looking in the drawer.

Other genre collections — separate tabs for documentary films; animation and children's films; performing and visual arts; and feature films in languages other than Russian — are shelved in the smaller beige storage cabinets to the left of the fridge.  The listing in these sections corresponds to the shelf order; each tab corresponds to a drawer.

◊ Borrowing Procedures for Authorized Users: Every time you need to borrow a DVD, please...

• take a separate card for every film you are checking out from the metal box at the top of the cabinet; 
• put the title of the film you are checking out at the top of the card - in English or Russian;
• below the title, add your name (or initials) and the date you took the film; 
• put the card in place of the DVD you are taking (not back in the box).

Please return the DVD to the same place in the drawer from which you removed it when you were checking it out. 


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