Statement on the Invasion of Ukraine

The faculty and staff members of the Amherst College Russian Department wish to express our solidarity with the people of Ukraine as they endure the brutal and illegal takeover of their country being prosecuted by Vladimir Putin. We are horrified by the suffering and bloodshed the Russian invasion is causing the citizens of democratic Ukraine. We categorically reject Putin’s false claim that Ukraine and Russia are one country and affirm Ukraine’s absolute right to self-determination. We continue our efforts to educate our students and the public about the history and legacies of the Russian and Soviet empires. We join all those, in Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere, who oppose this act of aggression, and we join with the many in wishing for the safety of those threatened in the region. 

Featured Book of the Month: How Are You Going to Save Yourself by JM Holmes '12

Bound together by shared experience but pulled apart by their changing fortunes, four young friends coming of age in the postindustrial enclave of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, struggle to liberate themselves from the legacies left to them as black men in America. With potent immediacy and bracing candor, this provocative debut follows a decade in the lives of Dub, Rolls, Rye, and Gio as they each grapple with the complexity of their family histories, the newfound power of sex and drugs, and the ferocity of their desires.
How Are You Going to Save Yourself illuminates in breathtaking detail an entire world–one that has been underrepresented in American fiction. At times funny, often uncomfortable, occasionally disturbing, these stories fearlessly engage with issues of race, sex, drugs, class, and family. Holmes's blistering and timely new voice, richly infused with the unmistakable rhythms of hip-hop that form the sound track to his characters' lives, delivers an indelible fiction that has never been more vital and necessary.

Ben Gilsdorf '21 Wins the Critical Language Scholarship

ben gilsdorf

Congratulations to Ben!

We are delighted to announce that Ben Gilsdorf ’21 has won the Critical Language Scholarship for immersive language study in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia this summer.

Amherst College Office of Fellowships announcement



Marks and Angles: An Immigrant Story

NYU Jordan Center for the Study of Russia

A contribution from first-year student Felix Stetsenko was recently selected to appear on the site of NYU's Jordan Center, a leading source on developments in Russian and East European Studies. Felix's essay is part of the Jordan Center's "Immigrant Stories" project, an effort to emphasize the invaluable role of immigrants, showcase their importance in higher education, bring into relief the cultural diversity of the Slavic Studies field and self-reflectively preserve in memory the rich history of students of Slavic and Eurasian cultures.