Catherine Ciepiela edits a new anthology of Russian poetry


Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova and Maria Stepanova


The anthology features works from Maria Stepanova, founder and editor of (now, Russia’s equivalent of The Huffington Post; Polina Barskova, current Hampshire College associate professor of Russian literature and famously prolific young author; and Anna Glazova, a scholar of modern German literature who has published Russian translations of major German-language authors, including Paul Celan and Unica Zürn. Stepanova and Glazova are recipients of the prestigious Andrei Bely Prize, Russia’s oldest independent literary award, which famously consists of exactly one apple, one ruble and one bottle of vodka—a prize that is both representative of the austerity of the Russian literary tradition and completely nondependent on corporate sponsorship. Speaking on Relocations’ unusual focus on only three authors, a rarity amongst anthologies, Ciepiela says, “They are representative of the current scene … where women are more influential than ever.”

Relocations - Zephyr Press

Russian Voices Symposium and Philosophical Cabaret at Boston University

On Wednesday, November 20, Russian Department Chair Professor Catherine Ciepiela, will participate in a symposium entitled Russian Voices: Readings and Conversations with contemporary Russian will be held at Boston University.  This event celebrates the release by Zephyr Press of Relocations, a new anthology of Russian poetry, and brings together the three poets whose works are collected in the book and two of their English language translators: Catherine Ciepiela and Sibelan Forrester. Featured speakers are poets Polina Barskova, Anna Glazova, and Maria Stepanova.  Also participating are local poet Katia Kapovich; BU faculty members Olga Livshin, Yuri Corrigan, and Katherine O’Connor; and Jim Kates from Zephyr Press. For more information, visit the Boston University webpage for the event

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Congratulations to Amherst Fulbright Awardees to Russia!

Mark Hellmer and Eirene Wang, have both been awarded Fulbright English Teaching Assistantships in Russia.  Our warmest congratulations to both Eirene and Mark - the department is very proud of their accomplishments and wishes each of them a most successful Fulbright year teaching abroad.

Amherst Winner in National Russian Essay Contest

We are delighted to announce that Jovan Damjanovic, Amherst College Class of 2016, took first place in the Non-Heritage Learner, Level 1 division of the Fourteenth Annual ACTR National Post-Secondary Russian Essay Contest. In this year’s contest, there were 946 essays submitted in 14 divisions from 57 universities, colleges, and institutions across the nation. Each essay was ranked by three judges in Russia. 

Congratulations, Jovan – and thanks to all Amherst College students who participated!