Everyone’s career path is unique. Whether you’re a first year or a senior, Loeb Center for Career Exploration and Planning offers resources and advising to help you consider and shape your own way forward through internships, networking, jobs, alumni connections, or reflection on how your academic experiences, interests, skills, and values can align with a meaningful career. You can meet with a career advisor to discuss just about anything: career exploration, career uncertainty, self-assessments, job or internship applications, interviewing, networking, Loeb Center resources, and much more. To schedule an appointment please log in to your Handshake account.

In addition to various graduate programs, alum from the SWAGS department are engaged in the fields of education, music, consulting, medical research, art education, development, public radio, and non-profit management. You have information about all Amherst alumni right at your fingertips! The Amherst College alumni directory is an incredible resource for career exploration and networking. All alumni have a profile, unless they’ve decided to opt out, which is populated with basic information, including class year and major. The alum fills in the rest, which means that some profiles are very comprehensive and others may have very little information. Each alum’s profile has a section for personal information, professional information, academic information, activities and affinities, and a selected industry that best reflects their work. Further, alumni can self-select affinities, i.e. Black alumni, first generation alumni, LGBTQ alumni, veterans, and various other identities as well as career fields. You can search the directory by major or  industry keyword.

The directory is a fantastic tool for generating ideas and examples around what SWAGS majors have done after graduation. If you would like coaching on how to go one step further and contact some of those alumni for informational interviews to deepen your career exploration, please take advantage of Loeb Center advising and consult the Center’s handout on networking.

Please note that all alumni profiles are password protected. You will need to log in using your Amherst College username and password.