Women's and Gender Studies

Dear Students:  As some of you may already know, Amherst College requires evaluations of all the courses taught by its junior – that is untenured – faculty.  These evaluations are read by both the department and the professor each semester, and, at tenure time, are submitted as part of the candidate’s dossier.  In other words, your judgments are extremely important in both the short run – they help a professor decide to retain or change texts, methods, approaches – and in the long run: they provide evidence of a professor’s pedagogical growth.

The college does not believe in anonymous evaluations, and so we ask you to sign your name.  However, your professor will not see your name when reading the evaluations.  You will be absolutely anonymous.  So please be as honest and helpful as you can be.  We all want to help one another grow and prosper. You will need to answer all the questions.

Because the college places so much importance upon student evaluations, your final grade for the course will not be released until SWAGS has received your evaluation.


Class outside Grosvenor