Courses in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Spring 2015

SWAG-105 Women, Gender and Popular Culture

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-106 Realism

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Ben Lieber (Section 02)

SWAG-111 Having Arguments

Ben Lieber (Section 01)

SWAG-123 Greek Civilization

Frederick T. Griffiths (Section 01)

SWAG-200 Feminist Theory

Sahar Sadjadi (Section 01)
Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-202 Black Women's Narratives and Counternarratives: Love and the Family

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-203 Women Writers of Africa and the African Diaspora

Carol Y. Bailey (Section 01)

SWAG-207 The Home and the World: Women and Gender in South Asia

Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-245 Latina Stories: Making Waves in the USA

Lucia M. Suarez (Section 01)

SWAG-317 Women in Early Modern Spain

Catherine V. Infante (Section 01)

SWAG-328 Science and Sexuality

Sahar Sadjadi (Section 01)

SWAG-347 Race, Sex, and Gender in the U.S. Military

Khary O. Polk (Section 01)

SWAG-406 Historical Perspectives on Women's Human Rights

Martha Saxton (Section 01)

Related Courses

ECON-416 Evaluating Social Policy (Course not offered this semester.)