Courses in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Spring 2016

SWAG-105 Women, Gender and Popular Culture

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-106 Realism

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Ben Lieber (Section 02)

SWAG-111 Having Arguments

Ben Lieber (Section 01)

SWAG-114 Intersections among American Women

Wendy H. Bergoffen (Section 01)

SWAG-138 Greek Drama

Frederick T. Griffiths (Section 01)

SWAG-200 Feminist Theory

Sahar Sadjadi (Section 01)
Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-207 The Home and the World: Women and Gender in South Asia

Amrita Basu (Section 01)
Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-208 Black Feminist Literary Traditions

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-219 Between Facts and Norms:  Liberalism and the Case of Islam

Sharif Youssef (Section 01)

SWAG-224 The Century of Sex: Gender and Sexual Politics in Modern Europe

April D. Trask (Section 01)

SWAG-239 Women in Judaism

Susan Niditch (Section 01)

SWAG-328 Science and Sexuality

Sahar Sadjadi (Section 01)

SWAG-335 Gender: An Anthropological Perspective

Deborah B. Gewertz (Section 01)

SWAG-339 Early Women Writers

Ingrid L. Nelson (Section 01)
Amelia Worsley (Section 01)

SWAG-347 Race, Sex, and Gender in the U.S. Military

Khary O. Polk (Section 01)