Courses in Sexuality, Women's and Gender Studies

Fall 2016

SWAG-100 The Cross-Cultural Construction of Gender

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-106 Realism

Ben Lieber (Section 01)

SWAG-111 Having Arguments

Michele Barale (Section 01)
Ben Lieber (Section 02)

SWAG-112 New Women in America

Wendy H. Bergoffen (Section 01)

SWAG-160 Sexualities in International Relations

Manuela Picq (Section 01)

SWAG-202 Black Women's Narratives and Counternarratives: Love and the Family

Aneeka A. Henderson (Section 01)

SWAG-232 Strange Girls: Spanish Women's Voices

Sara J. Brenneis (Section 01)

SWAG-279 Global Women's Literature

Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-300 Ideas and Methods in the Study of Gender

Amrita Basu (Section 01)

SWAG-310 Witches, Vampires and Other Monsters

Natasha Staller (Section 01)

SWAG-331 The Postcolonial Novel: Gender, Race and Empire

Krupa Shandilya (Section 01)

SWAG-345 Gender and Sexuality in Latin America

Mary E. Hicks (Section 01)

SWAG-375 Self, Subject, Photography

Kimberly J. Brown (Section 01)